The #1 Way to Become More Efficient at Building Websites

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00:28 Tim Strifler: Hey everyone welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, I’m Tim Strifler and in today’s episode we are talking about the number one way to become more efficient at building websites. So i’m all about working smarter not harder i want to learn the different tricks and tips to help me maximize the time uh with whatever i’m working on. And so um now depending on what you’re using there’s different tips and tricks and things like that. So what i’m talking about today the number one way to become more efficient building websites. Well the answer to that is by eliminating repetitive tasks so if the more repetitive tasks that you can eliminate from your website building process the more efficient you’re going to become, you’re going to be able to create websites in a fraction of the time, and so for example this is just one of the ways to eliminate repetitive tasks, and that’s to create a website template. Right, so what that means is uh well actually let’s take a step back typically when you’re building a website there are things that you do once you get the the install spun up on whatever method uh that you’re you’re you’re building it, you have a blank install. So then you have to go in you have to set it up right you go into settings and you change the permalinks then you set maybe you install your theme put in your api code for the theme, maybe you install some plugins that you use on on every website like your form plugin or your performance plugin different things like that. And then you might go on and do some other things setting the home page different things like that. Well all those things i just mentioned are not site specific, those are things that you do on every single website that you build. And so uh with that in mind if you can basically eliminate doing those same things over and over again then you’ll save yourself some time now you know the steps i just mentioned that’s probably what 10 15 minutes of work maybe, however if you shave that off of every website, those minutes will turn into hours right? Especially over the course of months and years. So the way that we do that is by creating a website template which is a template site that has all those things already done, and you just clone it and you start with that rather than starting with a blank install. It has all your themes your plugins everything you’re going to use already right there for you. And now there’s different ways to do that and we’ll talk about that in a future episode, but you can do that with a using something like local flywheel. Local you can have blueprint sites you can do it on the hosting level, lots of different ways to do that. Super easy! So that’s just one method of eliminating repetitive tasks another one is by reusing certain elements of the page. So if you’re using a page builder for example you can save different layouts and then reuse them later. Now there’s only so many ways to design something like a contact form or feature blurbs right, so you can have variations of those and then you bring them into the site when you need them, and then you can customize them to make it unique, match the brand whatever it is. Now rather than having to do that same thing that’s going to be on virtually every site, you can just bring it in and customize it rather than having to redo it every single time. So those are just a couple examples of eliminating those repetitive tasks which in my opinion opinion is the number one way to become more efficient at building websites. So hopefully you found this helpful definitely let us know if you like episodes like this and we’ll definitely do more of them. Tomorrow we’re going to talk about how to get web design clients when you are brand new, um and here’s another little side tip: even if you’re not brand new this could be helpful for you. So until then take care bye!

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