How to Learn to Build Websites with WordPress When You Are Brand New

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00:28 Tim Strifler: Hey everyone welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, I’m Tim Strifler and today we are talking about how to learn to build websites with WordPress when you are brand new. Now yesterday we talked about learning on youtube versus joining a paid course and and and kind of the differences between that. Um now i from my experience i did more of the just in time learning the school of youtube the school of blogs and while it worked it left me a lot of learning gaps. And so i didn’t know what i didn’t know, and so i was able to solve the problem that i needed in that moment, but i wasn’t able to really understand why or understand the big picture and stuff. And so it ended up taking me longer to learn the foundational things because it was like “oh i’d find how do i do this and i’d find you know a little snippet right and then i wouldn’t really understand what the snippet did”, and then it would cause issues later on and stuff like that. And so um that’s why we recommend a paid online course. Now this is a shameless self-promotion because here at WP Gears which is our brand behind this podcast, we have a beginner course which teaches you how to build websites with WordPress and the Divi theme, when you’re brand new. And so it teaches you those foundational things. So if you were or are like me and you kind of figure stuff out on your own, well it’s going to fill in those learning gaps for you and kind of bring everything full circle so you understand everything, in the big picture form as well. As the detailed form or if you are brand new and you’re like how do i get into this um well we’re going to teach you everything that you need to know in the order that you need to know it when you need to know it type of thing. So definitely check out the WordPress Divi Beginner Course over at We don’t do a ton of self promotion on this show like 98 99 of the episodes here are just about giving you value and teaching you different things in bite-sized chunks in short actionable episodes, um but occasionally we do episodes like this where we are promoting our paid stuff as well. So uh if you like the episodes on here uh on WP The Podcast and you want to kind of go deeper with us, obviously a audio podcast or if you’re watching youtube a video podcast, but we’re not really showing you much you can only go so far so if you want to go deeper with us you want to learn from us definitely check out the WordPress and Divi beginner course. It’s by myself as well as David Blackmon and then we also have Corey Jenkins which is David’s other partner, um over on Aspen Grove Studios. So that is it for this episode, tomorrow we’re getting back to some more value episodes, we’re talking about the number one way to become more efficient at building websites. So i’m all about working smarter not harder, so excited to talk about this. So until then take care bye.

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