How to Get Web Design Clients When You Are Brand New

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00:28 Tim Strifler: Hey everyone welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, i’m Tim Strifler and today we are talking about how to get web design clients when you are brand new. Now i mentioned at the end of yesterday’s episode, when uh teasing this topic um even if you’re not brand new hopefully you’ll find some value in this. But this is especially going to be helpful if you’re brand new and you want to get clients. You’re not really sure how. Well this episode uh is for you. So one thing that i did when i was brand new and i guess i wasn’t brand new to building websites but i was brand new with uh doing web design full time, i’ve been doing it on the side for a while uh and then i finally quit my job i was like i’m going to do web design full-time. I had no clients i had no recurring revenue i had no nothing but it was just like i know how to build websites and i’m going to figure out how to get clients. So the first thing i did was i well first i redid my website logo and all that um and then what i did was i built a a facebook page for my business and then i did a personal post on my personal facebook page sharing my business page and saying “hey i’m doing web design now if you or someone you know needs a website for a personal use or a small business let me know i’m happy to help”. Right, something simple like that and by doing that i did get some initial work right away, and that turned into some long-term clients, but what i did was i planted that seed that i even to this day, will still get people reaching out to me, people that maybe i went to high school with or college with and haven’t talked to in decades. And they’re hitting me up saying “hey i know you built websites um can you help me?”. Right, and it was from that one post i only did it once and it is so effective, so basically by reaching out and and making your existing network aware of what you’re doing. You can immediately get some clients right so i’m a firm believer that when you’re brand new your first few clients are people that you already know, or someone that you already know knows. Right, so one one degree of separation and so um i mean it kind of really i hate bringing this up but it kind of relates to uh mlms multi-level marketing, right i’ve never been a part of one, have no desire it’s just not my thing. But a lot of times when they’re trying to recruit people they say this is really easy because all you have to do is is reach out to your existing network, and recruit more people or sell them you know whatever and it’s. All you know they talk about how uh like word of mouth advertising. Right, and they kind of use that as a way to get you to sell to your existing friends or to recruit them or whatever. Now obviously i’m not suggesting doing anything slimy or selling to your friends turning your friends into customers whatever, but by simply letting people know what you’re doing what you’re up to not in a salesy way, not in a way where you’re trying to shove it down their throats, and spam their feed or anything like that. But just saying “hey i’m building websites now here’s some of my work and i’d love to help you or someone that you know if you have a need for a new website or some maintenance on an existing website that sort of a thing”. So doing something like that can be a really effective way to get new clients. Now i mentioned doing it on facebook but there’s lots of different ways you can do it you can go on Linkedin and individually reach out to people that you know preferably business owners or people that work for companies that might need your services or something like that. And again you don’t want to spam them but just in a really friendly way say “hey i hope you’re doing well i haven’t seen you in a while um i’m i’m doing this now and so i’m just kind of you know letting people know what i’m up to um and to see if there’s anything i can do to help”. Right the goal is to to be helpful um and you know that’ll come back. Back to you tenfold, so yeah. So those are some tips there’s different ways again to implement that i give you some examples Facebook and Linkedin. Honestly if you have some people that are maybe old school and they’re not on any of those platforms but you know they have businesses or you know that they know people have businesses just reach out whatever method that may be. Email phone text whatever, and just let people know what you’re doing in a non spammy way. And it will, it will benefit you maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but weeks months years in advance. You’ll start to see that that benefit alrighty. So that is it for this episode, tomorrow we are talking about performance the real reason you need your WordPress websites to load quickly. So until then take care bye.

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