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WordPress & Divi Beginner Course

The comprehensive course you’ve been waiting for — Learn the ins and outs of WordPress & Divi website creation!

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Do Any of These Sound Like You?

New to Divi/WordPress  You’re brand new to Divi/WordPress and want to learn how to build websites (the right way).
Technical Overwhelm – You’re getting frustrated with the technical things such as hosting, domains, SSL, FTP, DNS, etc.
Time to Improve – You’ve tinkered around and have managed to squeeze out a few sites & now you want to firm up your understanding on all the core concepts & best practices.
Control Your Own Destiny – The Global Pandemic has you wanting to learn a new skill that you can make money with.
Unsure what to do next – You chose WordPress (& maybe purchased Divi too), but not sure what needs to happen next.
Want to work from home – You like the idea of creating an “at-home, work when you want” business centered around WordPress and Divi but don’t have the skills necessary yet.

Now is the perfect time to learn how to build WordPress & Divi Websites!

Fact 01

WordPress powers nearly 37% of all websites!

This means there is a huge demand for professionals like you!

Fact 02

Divi is the most popular WordPress theme in the world.

This means there are millions of sites using Divi, and many small business owners specifically seek out experts in Divi to build or maintain their website.

Fact 03

Businesses Need a Website Now More than Ever!

The Global Pandemic has made millions of businesses around the world realize they need a strong online presence. This is a huge opportunity for those with the right skills.

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Learn the Highly-Marketable Skills of WordPress & Divi Web Design

Imagine What Becoming a Divi Pro Could Mean for You…
Be your own boss
Travel the world
Spend more time with your family
Untapped income potential
Start/Grow a business that you can sell some day
Help dozens of companies a year grow their business by having an effective web presence
Work from home, or anywhere you want at anytime you want. Set your own hours!
Work with clients that value your skills, and are willing to pay you what you deserve!
If any of these are you, David and Tim are here to help!

What Others are Saying about David & Tim’s Teaching

Alexander Nyberg

Just finished this amazing course. The live coaching calls are great and added much more value then I ever could have imagined. Questions led to new added value like extra documents and so on.. Very happy with the course!

Martina Guzman

This has been the best investment in learning in a long time for me. Literally a point that sets for me a before and after as a web designer! You have given me not only a blueprint to get where I want but also the confidence and the support of an incredible group to build on! Thank you so much, I would recommend this course 1000 times! Thank you really for such a amazing course! You got a super fan!!!! ?

Dean Upton

Have just finished the Divi Business Expert Course run by WP gears. I am just starting my website development business and Tim and David have provided the best launchpad I could have wished for. They are extremely open and honest and willing to share their knowledge to help their community grow their businesses and stuff. Thanks Guys

Tricia King

OMG what an outstanding course and worth every British penny. ? As a newbie I haven’t much experience with building/creating websites. However, I purchased and am here to say a big THANK YOU. The drip delivery suited me as it gave me time to absorb the contents and prepare questions for the weekly LIVE COACHING CALLS, (what a fantastic idea). The exclusive Facebook groupies are amazing and consisted of people from around the world who have different levels of knowledge and abilities, those who have been building for years to new starters. At no point did I feel shunned or stupid but felt supported. Groupies would send out messages for clarity, assistance, support, ideas and even Tim and David would pop in with their thoughts. Tim and David’s roll play sessions – valuable and despite the seriousness of the session, were entertaining. Tim and David are great teachers who’s delivery style is relaxed and oozes with confidence gained from their own personal experience of getting to where they are know and they balance and support each other. A nice touch. There is too much goodness to say about this course! The DOWNSIDE – Mmmm, nope, cannot think of any. What I have gained here is priceless and I am thankful to God who I believe directed me to follow my path of becoming a web designer, the teachings of Tim and David and the opportunity to communicate with like minded FB Groupies.
I can’t recommend the course more. It’s really given me a leg up, and a community go-to to ask questions about web development and business.”

John Chvatal

Trinity Aviation Solutions
John recently changed career paths, and came across the Divi Business Expert course while researching. What sealed the deal for John originally was the “Docs in a Box” bonus that comes with Divi Business Expert. The savings from the contract templates that are included compared to hiring a lawyer is astronomical, and worth the cost of the course alone!

Watch the video to hear John describe how purchasing the course has allowed him to profit from David and Tim’s years of experience! And being a part of the Divi Business Expert community has been a huge step in his learning.

Took David & Tim’s advice to “niche down” in the Aviation Industry
“The course was more than I expected! I loved it, and I recommend it to anyone looking to streamline their web design process.”

Anthea Anclade

Designs by Anthea
Anthea has been a designer for over 10 years, but just recently made the decision to go full time with her business. She joined the Divi Business Expert course in hopes of learning how to streamline a web design process; and as she puts it, “that’s exactly what I got from this course, and a lot more!” From learning about Divi, to project management, pricing, proposal writing, Anthea learned the skills she needed to go from designer to business owner.

Anthea was also appreciative of David and Tim’s willingness to answer questions. Plus, the private Facebook group was also a highlight. Being around a community of other enthusiastic professionals with the same goals, that are all willing to help, is priceless!

From designer to Business Owner!
“Totally worth the money for anyone that wants to elevate and take their business to the next level

Aex Khrapov

CEO of Headway Coaching Group
Alex and his company offer marketing services and web design for coaches. Already having an established business (founded in 2007), Alex was hoping to gain new ideas and strategies on how to achieve recurring revenue with maintenance plans, as well as a regular stream of referrals. And as Alex describes in the video, that’s exactly what happened from being a part of Divi Business Expert!

Watch the video as Alex describes his experience and what the course has done for his business, and how it’s helped him apply strategies in his company that he previously was unsure about.

Alex also makes a great point regarding the dynamic of having two instructors. He mentions how David and Tim’s different life and business experiences makes the material extremely interesting and very helpful with the two different perspectives!

Been in business over 11 years helping coaches with marketing and web design!
“I can’t say enough AMAZING things about David and Tim’s knowledge, teaching abilities, and tactical action steps inside of this course”

Keegan Lanier

Keegan Lanier Media
A Soloprenuer from South Louisiana, Keegan was one of our first students to join Divi Business Expert! Keegan is transitioning from the Restaurant industry, into business ownership as a web designer and developer, and the Divi Business Expert course has been a huge part of his journey.

Keegan’s favorite part of the course was the Divi Business Expert community within the private Facebook group. He thinks it’s worth the cost of the course alone!

Watch Keegan’s video as he encourages anyone that’s interested in building a business around creating websites, to take the leap and take the course, and start engaging in the Facebook group, and as Keegan states, “you’ll get the return you’re looking for!”


“To say this course is worth the money would be a massive understatement!”

Introducing The WordPress & Divi Beginner Course

The WordPress & Divi Beginner Course has been expertly designed to teach you the skills needed to effectively build websites using WordPress & Divi. Whether you’re completely new, or “know enough to be dangerous”, you’ll gain the essential knowledge that you need to confidently and professionally build websites from start to finish. From the little details, to the “big picture ideas”, you’ll not only learn the “what” and “how” of WordPress & Divi, but also the “why”— an essential step to deep and comprehensive learning and planning.

Below you’ll find a summary of the modules and lessons that have been strategically designed to make you a WordPress & Divi expert!

The WordPress & Divi Beginner Course Content

19 modules | 200 lessons | 5h 45min
  • Meet the Instructors
  • Bonuses included in the course
  • Things not included in the course
  • What to expect from this course
  • What is hosting
  • What is a localhost
  • Facebook support group
  • What is a domain
  • Factors of a good domain
  • How much is a domain worth?
  • Where to purchase a domain o
  • How to link a domain to your hosting package i
Introduction to WordPress
  • WordPress
  • WordPress themes
  • WordPress plugins
  • Installing WordPress
Introduction to Divi
  • Divi
  • How to install Divi manually
  • What is a child theme?
  • What is a layout
  • Three views of the Divi Builder
  • Where to find help
Building Your Website
  • Website Settings
  • WordPress Settings
  • Divi Theme Options
  • Divi Theme Customizer
  • Using the Divi Builder, Gutenberg or the Classic Editor
Posts and Pages
  • The differences between pages and posts
  • Building your first post
  • Creating your first page
  • Assigning page displays
  • Understanding WordPress menus
  • Creating WordPress menus
  • What are widgets and how do they work
  • Adding widgets to the sidebar
  • Changing the sidebar orientation
  • Displaying sidebars using the Divi Builder
Getting started with the Divi Builder
  • Understanding sections and rows
  • Paddings vs margins
  • Divi modules
Divi Tips
  • Divi Shortcuts
  • Device Preview
  • Visibility
  • Hover View
  • Global Styles
CSS & HTML for Divi
  • Basic HTML for Divi Users
  • Basic CSS for Divi Users
Divi Library
  • Using a premade layout pack from Elegant Themes
  • Importing a JSON file into the Divi Library
  • Importing a JSON file into a page
  • Divi Global Modules
  • Importing layouts using WP Layouts
  • Importing demo site layouts
Divi Theme Builder
  • What is the Divi Theme Builder
  • Adding a global footer
  • Adding a blog layout and 404 page
WordPress and Divi Plugins
  • What is a plugin?
  • Divi Switch
  • Testify
Website Optimization
  • Yoast and SEO Optimization with Divi
  • Image optimization
  • Caching
Back Ups
  • Backing up your website manually
  • Backing up your website with a plugin
Make Your Website Live
  • Deploying your website with Divi Hosting
  • Deploying your website using a standard host
  • Website maintenance
Useful Resources
  • Divi Free Resources
  • Premium Divi Plugins
  • Premium Child Themes
  • Divi Online Courses
  • Elegant Themes’ Divi Marketplace
  • Where to get help

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So who are we and why does it matter?

We are two WordPress/Divi educators (and enthusiats) that have been using Divi since the day it was released (and every day after), and have both built multiple successful businesses based around WordPress & Divi.

We’re the hosts of WP the Podcast, with over 600 episodes and counting, covering everything from WordPress to Sales, Marketing, and more. We’re also hosts on the weekly live video show, Divi Chat, where we chat about… well… all things Divi.

We also speak at several WordCamps across the country per year, and we’re admins of multiple WordPress/Divi Facebook groups.

Meet David

Aspen Grove Studios / Divi Space

Hi there, I’m David. I have more than 25 years of experience scaling and growing businesses. The growth and success of my WordPress-powered companies (Aspen Grove Studios and has been phenomenal. I built my first website in 2013 and since then have built a seven-figure business from my computer. In 2015, I sold my home and began traveling the country in an RV working remotely from National Parks, the beach, the mountains, and the desert. It’s been a sweet ride! In 2017, I launched my first course and since then have helped over 3,000 students turn their dreams into reality. I want to help you become a business expert through my experience, knowledge and passion for all things WordPress. 

Meet Tim

Tim Strifler Online Solutions / Divi Life

Tim here! I’ve been creating websites with WordPress for over 10 years now. Growing up with my Dad as a Graphic Designer, I’ve always had a passion for outstanding design and creative technology. That’s why I love building websites with WordPress— the intersection of design and technology, and getting to wear both hats. I was lucky enough to find Elegant Themes the day I found WordPress, and I’ve been using Divi every day since it was released. There’s so much opportunity for you to do the same, and I can’t wait to help you get there! When I’m not recording a Wp the Podcast episode, releasing a Divi product for Divi Life, or launching a course with David here at WP Gears, I enjoy spending time with my family and doing anything outdoors.

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Bonus #01

We’re In This Together! Valuable Coaching Calls

Total Value: $3,200
  • Weekly Coaching Calls with David & Tim ($2,000 Value)
  • Occasional special guests ($750 Value)
  • Q and A to help you get past any sticking points or tech questions ($450 Value)

Valued at $3,200 Value — Included in WordPress & Divi Beginners Course

Bonus #02

WordPress Website Toolbox

Total Value: $550

  • 4 Free Child Themes ($300 Value)
  • 2 Free Plugins ($150 Value)
  • 4 Free layouts ($100 Value)

Bonus #03

Gateway to Success

Total Value: $1047

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  • 25% off Divi Life Membership ($87 Value)
  • 50% off Divi Business Expert Course ($498 Value)

These Bonuses Are Over $5,000 Value On Their Own, But Available Free With Your Membership to the WordPress & Divi Beginners Course

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

What if I’m not a good designer?
Don’t worry! We’ll teach you design fundamentals that will quickly enhance your design skills. Plus, we’re going to show you how to effectively utilize tools and resources so you don’t have to design from scratch, but can still deliver high quality designs to your clients in an efficient manner.
How do I know this will work for me?
Nothing wrong with some healthy skepticm! We (David and Tim) have both created 6-Figure+ Businesses, and we’ll be teaching you everything we know. We’ll be sharing all our secrets, giving you all of our templates, and helping you every step of the way. We’re also successful product creators in the Divi community and know the struggles, needs, and desires of web designers extremely well! Also, have you taken a look at our testimonials yet? 🙂
I’m not technical and don’t have any coding skills. Can I still join the course?
Absolutely! We’ll teach you what you NEED to know, and show you how to get the rest. This course is designed to show you how to create a 6 figure business WITHOUT being a coder!
Is the course pre-recorded?
Yes! All the course content is pre-recorded, and you can watch when it’s convenient for you. The only thing that is not pre-recorded are the live coaching calls. However, all coaching calls are recorded and can be watched on your own time.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept credit cards via Stripe, as well as PayPal.
What happens after I join?
After you join, you’ll gain access to the course content! The content is dripped so that you can focus on learning in the proper order (and studies show this method is most effective for retention). You’ll also receive information on how and when to join our group coaching calls, as well accessing the bonuses, Facebook Group, etc…
Why does the course cost this much?
We intentionally chose a price to be as accessible as possible while also reflecting the value provided. We’re confident that just one website project that you will gain as a result of this course, will (way) more than pay for the cost. We also want you to take action. Simply purchasing a course will not help you succeed. If you have some skin in the game, and some money invested, then you will be much more likely to finish the course and take action.

“The course is so valuable, worth every penny. Thank you!”

-Jennifer K.

Will I ever lose access to this course?
Nope! You’ll have Lifetime access to everything included in the course. When we update the content or bonuses, or add new content or bonuses, you’ll have access to that too! You’ll also have access to the private Facebook Group for life and all future and past coaching calls we do for the course too.
Class is starting, Join Now!

Let’s Review Everything You’ll Receive When You Join Today

  • 8 Week WordPress & Divi Beginner Course to help you learn how to create websites properly. ($2,000 Value)
  • Weekly Coaching Calls to Help you take action and implement what you learn in the course. ($3,200 Value)
  • WordPress & Divi Beginner Course Certificate and Badge on course completion (Priceless)
  • Lifetime Access to the members only Facebook Group ($500 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to the members only live webinars ($2,000 Value)
  • Access to the Course Bonuses and Materials ($566 Value)
Total value: $8,266

Build Your First Website with WordPress and Divi Course: $299 $199
($100 off for a Limited Time!)

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