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00:28 Tim Strifler: Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast i’m Tim Streifler and my co-host David Blackmon uh is not with us today, but he will be back with us in just a couple of episodes. And today we’re going to be talking about actually we’re doing,  a WordPress plug-in highlight, and so uh before i tell you what the plug-in is, let me just give you a little bit of background on our WordPress plug-in highlight series. So about once a week or so we are doing a plug-in highlight. Now we’re not going to be talking about plug-ins like Woocommerce and Yoast and Gravity Form, you know all the plug-ins that you already kind of know about, and the big major plug-ins instead. The intention of the WordPress plugin highlight series is to talk about the lesser known plugins, that maybe you haven’t heard of, that maybe do one thing but do it really well. Small but impactful, is kind of the plugins that we’re looking for that when you need something to do something specific it does it and it’s really helpful in a big way. And so that’s what this is about so without further.  And the WordPress plugin that we’re going to be highlighting today is a plug-in called User Switching. So if you have a client site or an e-commerce site or something and your client or a customer or whoever is saying “hey i’m not seeing you know whatever on the website i’m logged in but it’s not working i’m trying to get my invoice” and you’re saying it’s here it’s not here, or your client saying “hey how do i change this setting or blah blah blah”, and you’re wondering well what are they seeing what is it that they’re looking at, because you’re logged in as an admin, and obviously you have access to everything. And so there’s a really cool plugin called User Switching, that once you install it you can go to your WordPress users list and click a link that says switch to. So then it will switch to seeing what that user sees. So if they have a separate user role such as a editor or they have a customer subscriber, whatever it may be you can see what they see. So if you’re creating a new uh e-commerce site for example, and you want to see what the user is going to see when they’re logged into their account. Do they see the admin bar? Are they after they log in do they go straight here, you know. So you can see that without having to create a dummy account, and have to log out of your admin account log in, and then once you’re done log out and log back in, you can easily switch between users. And then with one click you can switch back to your main admin user. So it’s super handy plug-in we use it for my company divilife.com because it’s an e-commerce site we have a lot of customers, and so. Well customers saying like “hey i’m seeing this here like how do i do this or whatever” and so i’m always curious what they’re seeing. So i can do the User Switcher and then switch over. I also have team members that have different levels of access to the site and so um i want to be able to see what they’re seeing to make sure that they have the access, that they need to do what they uh i’ve asked them to do, but then not having more access than i want to give them. And so User Switcher or user switching plug-in is great for that as well. So there’s so many different use cases to switch users without having to log in and log out and create a dummy account. And all that so highly recommend it. If any of those scenarios is something that uh you have dealt with before and wanted a way to be able to see what another user with a different role is seeing. So that’s it super short episode today. Tune in tomorrow, i’m really excited about this episode we’re going to be talking about the basics of SEO for WordPress. So a lot of times we have new users coming listening and you know we mention different things about SEO and we get a lot of questions  about some of the basics of SEO, you know, what is this, what is that.. Soo we’re going to be talking about a high level overview of SEO for WordPress, and how it works and how search engines work. And so i’m going to try my best to give a high level overview, and keep it as short and condensed as possible but still be really useful for you, so tune in tomorrow for that until then take care bye.

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