Is There Value in Owning Lots of Domains?

  1. It depends on what your objective is 00:56
    • Some people buy many domains and then sell them. In this case, it would be helpful to own lots of domains!
    • Others buy all related domains to their own brands. Mostly for search reasons and to avoid competitors buying similar domains. If you have more than one brand, this could add up very quickly.
  2. A note about local SEO strategy 03:18
    • It used to be really popular to buy many localized domains, like austinwebdesigner.
    • This can help in search a little, but it won’t make you more relevant than websites that have been around for awhile.
    • It’s much better to put effort into building a brand. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a ton of localized domains.
  3. In conclusion… 04:36
    • There is value in owning lots of domains, it just depends on the situation.
    • There is not value in owning domains just for the sake of owning them. Unless it is strategic to protect your brand.

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