Why Every Web Designer Needs a Welcome Video

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00:28 Tim Strifler: Hey everyone welcome to another episode of WP the podcast I’m Tim Strifler and today this is episode 800 and we are talking about why every web designer needs a welcome video. A few episodes back I talked about a method that you can use to set yourself apart from other web designers in your area and that is to Simply have a personal about page, that shows a picture of you, talks about your personal story instead of having generic uh lingo that doesn’t really say anything and doesn’t really talk about you and your story. Um and so this is kind of going along the lines of that having a welcome video on your website and so basically the whole premise is that people like to hire people that they know like and trust. Now this goes to say that the more people know you the more that they like you and will trust you and the more more likely that they are to hire you. And so a really great way to get people to know like and trust you is to have them see your face that’s so right, that’s what we talked about before in a previous episode having an about paid with your photo. Now a welcome video takes that and runs with it right if they can see you you’re looking into the camera and they’re and you’re you’re able to talk to them about what you do and how you can help them and why uh hiring you is better than hiring the next guy, and without being salesy. And just being honest and direct and friendly in the video people are gonna love that it’s gonna help them feel like they know you more, and like you more and trust you more so they’re going to be more likely to hire you even before you talk to them on the phone or through a zoom caller or in person. So even before you meet with them one-on-one they already have an idea of who you are and so if you want to see an example of this, my friend Eric over at in transitstudios.com he has this right on his home page, it is awesome he did a great job with it. I haven’t talked to him about this specifically to know like if he’s able to track like when it’s done or if he gets comments on it or if it’s uh has been effective for him I imagine it has, it’s one of those things where it’s hard to measure but it’s something that I think will really help long term. So I put a link to intransitstudios.com in the show notes but yeah definitely check out his video and if you want to see an example but don’t have to do anything complicated it can be short and sweet and just you talking to the camera in a couple episodes, I’m going to share some tips of how you can easily make that type of video and do it really effectively without buying Fancy video equipment. So tune in for that in a couple days um until then take care bye.

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