How to Create a Custom WordPress Dashboard for Clients

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00:28 Tim Strifler: Hey everyone, Tim Strifler here, welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast and uh super excited for this episode we’re talking about how to create a custom WordPress dashboard for clients. Now if you’re someone that’s building client sites and you’re always trying to find ways to upsell your clients into additional packages or just provide more branding, right i don’t think there’s any reason to hide the fact that your website uses WordPress. People know WordPress they trust WordPress it’s not like you’re going to be building everything from scratch but i think there are opportunities to add some of your own branding to WordPress to remind your customer who built the site. So that they’ll come to you when they need something obviously ideally you’re gonna be they’re gonna be on your maintenance plan. So they’re gonna be paying you monthly to maintain their site and that sort of thing but having some level of branding on your site can be really effective. So one of the ways that you can do that is to create a custom dashboard on your client site. So for example the typical WordPress dashboard is boring and it’s talks just about WordPress and it’s not specific to your client or your site or your company or anything like that, and it has you know the help content like here’s how to get started you know here’s how to edit your menus and it’s like yeah pretty boring and most of us we’ve seen it so many times that we just kind of completely ignore it right? And so here’s the thing though is your clients they don’t ignore it because they don’t see it as much as we do, and so they’re probably looking at it and they’re trying to figure out how to use their website to do things and it’s not really helpful to them because if you’re using a page builder like Divi or Elementor, well that content isn’t designed for the page builder that you used it’s very basic WordPress stuff. And so it’s not really going to be helpful to them so what you can do instead is you can create a custom dashboard for your clients with specific help content, if you want that teaches them how to use their website or the builder you can create those videos yourself or you can create um some upsell opportunities that says “hey if you need help getting traffic to your site give us a call we can talk about some some uh strategies we can do uh to get you more traffic”. Right, so there’s so many different things you can do you can brand your company you can brand their company make them feel special you built them this custom dashboard with their logo on it so you can do whatever you want. The way you do that is this is a shameless plug this is my plug-in called Divi Dashboard. Right so this is a plug-in that me and my team created it’s actually one of the first plugs we created um in like 2016 and then we just rebuilt it a few months ago for the 2.0 version rebuilt from the ground up and it’s called Divi dashboard but here’s the cool thing you don’t actually need to be using Divi for it to work, you can use any page builder that you want and it’s going to work just great but what it does is it allows you to there’s a custom post type you use your page builder of choice in the custom post type to build a custom dashboard. So using your page builder you create it the way you want make it look the way you want design it to match your brand your clients brand whatever add the content that you want and then in the settings panel you just assign that specific post in the code in the the dashboard custom post type to the specific role. So you could have a different dashboard for admins as you do editors as you do subscribers or you can have them all the same and then you can you can do just the welcome little square that can be dismissed and just normal WordPress, or you can have the whole dashboard screen. So you can do that with Divi Dashboard, so have a link in the show notes so definitely check that out if you want to create a custom WordPress dashboard for clients uh yeah we created this we’re the first ones to ever do something like this uh way back in in 2016 and it’s gotten really popular and our customers love it, especially those that are building websites for clients to be able to add something extra and special and you can also there’s another feature where you can do a global dashboard that will so you can just you have the same one for all of your client sites and then you can update it and it automatically updates across all your sites. So you can do that with dippy dashboard so lots of really really cool features built in. So that is it for this episode tune in tomorrow we’re gonna talk about five tips for creating effective videos. It’s kind of the part two to yesterday’s episode when we talked about why every web designer needs a welcome video so tune in for that until tomorrow take care bye.

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