Benefits of Joining the WordPress Community

  1. Knowledge 01:43
    • WordPress has meet-ups and Facebook groups. These are great for when you are stuck on something and you need to find some answers. You can post your question to the community and you’ll probably have an answer within minutes.
  2. Networking 03:50
    • Networking is how you can meet people that can help you bring your business from from point A to point B.
    • Not only is the WordPress community great for making new friends and connections, but also for meeting potential clients too.
  3. Inspiration 04:55
    • You’ve heard of writer’s block, but there is also such a thing as developer and designer’s block.
    • You can get stuck if you try to design a completely new website each time. There are only so many ways to design web elements.
    • The community is good for getting ideas and inspiration, seeing what other people are doing, and discovering new trends that are coming out.
    • Obviously, you don’t want to copy any websites out there and completely rip off the design. It actually takes more effort to copy something exactly then it does to just use something as inspiration. When you use a website as inspiration, usually you end up making little changes here and there and your final project ends up looking completely different.
  4. Resources and support 06:08
    • Getting support from more experienced people (in general or more specific areas of the business) is so important. It could be the difference between you getting a project done on time or having to hire a contractor and miss a deadline.

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