Is WordPress More Vulnerable Than Other Platforms?

  1. Why this is important 00:47
    • Hackers are pretty smart and could potentially hack into any platform if they wanted to, but WordPress is definitely not more vulnerable than other platforms.
    • This is an important topic because clients may ask you this question.
  2. WordPress does get hacked because… 02:27
    • It’s the most popular platform in the world! Of course hackers are going to go after it. It’s a huge target.
    • Another reason is that many people don’t update their websites, themes, and plugins. This leaves the website open to vulnerabilities. (You can put your clients concerns to ease by telling them about your maintenance packages for keeping sites up to date!)
  3. However, the bright side of WordPress being so popular is… 03:35
    • There are tons of great plugins and tools to keep it secure!
    • Check out Episode 38 for more info on keeping your website secure.
    • If you have solid hosting and follow the recommendations from that episode, you’ll actually have a website more secure than most.
  4. So is WordPress more vulnerable than other platforms? 05:26
    • No it’s not, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take every precaution to keep your website secure!

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