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00:28 David Blackmon: Welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, my name is David Blackmon.

00:35 Tim Strifler: And i’m Tim Strifler

00:38 David Blackmon: And today in episode 810 we’re going to talk about why it’s important to have consistency in the online world. I am going to throw Tim and I under the bus here. We have not prepared, we’ve not discussed these topics, so there’s a potential over the next few episodes that we could disagree on something, and guess what? That’s totally okay! Um i kind of came up with this topic because i feel like a lot of people um you know they they put a lot of value on things that aren’t as important as maybe consistency in my opinion. You know, one of the things that they may put value on is making sure that their their own page SEO is dialed in right, and they have the perfect title, and they have the you know they’re worried about all this keyword stuff as opposed to what’s really really important is. The content, and to take it a step further you know, the content and being consistent you know. That’s what i think is really a um a thing that’s not talked about a lot you know. It’s you know, you hear things like just do it just hit publish you know, write content put your stuff out there and and that is 100 percent true. But i think one of the things that is is equally important is being consistent not only from um the user’s perspective. So they know when your stuff’s coming like Tim and i do a podcast every day, and it gets published at the same time every day, so our listeners know you know when they get when our millions of listeners get super excited so listen to our podcast they know it’s there by like five a.m in the morning or whatever it is that we release it you know. And Tim i promise you i’m letting you talk dude. 

02:51 Tim Strifler: Yeah. No, i completely agree um and something that i’ve said before that i think can be applied to a lot of different things as well as uh business is consistency beats intensity. And i don’t know if i’m the first person to ever say that, i didn’t take it from anyone i kind of thought of it um i’m sure someone else has said it. It’s not like too revolutionary of a thought, um but i think a lot of times um people they when it comes to business, actually i’m gonna take a step back, i’m gonna apply this to uh to like fitness and working out a lot of times. People they start and be like i’m gonna lose 50 pounds right? And so they go and they you know run like six miles in a week, and they’re exercising every day for like two hours. Like this is amazing and like and then the next week rolls around they might work out once and then the next week works uh rolls around they don’t work out at all, and they had that intensity in the beginning. Right and they were super pumped and excited and then they lost steam. And they weren’t consistent. And so um you can lose weight slowly but surely by doing you know 30 minutes 45 minutes of moderate exercise every single day right, and you over time you will see results through that consistency. And you’ll see results long term better than the person that comes out with crazy intensity so consistency beats intensity not just in fitness this is not a fitness podcast but in business too. So we, Dave and i see it all the time. We are in a pretty competitive field uh creating products for WordPress and Divi. The barriers to entry are rather low and which means there’s the opportunity for a lot of competition and we have seen so many competitors come and go over the years. Haven’t we David like absolutely people will come out and they’ll be posting in the groups and they’ll be writing tutorials and creating videos and pumping their products left and right and you know maybe about a few weeks later you know they’re still there, but not quite as intense and then you know another few weeks go by. And it’s like you might see them poke their heads out and then all of a sudden you know a few months later they’re gone right and it’s like they were never there, because intensity is not the answer to success. It’s consistency! Right, and so it’s day in and day out like we’re publishing this this uh podcast right uh i don’t blog as consistently as i should on my website, um but in terms of uh like every year you know if i look at the whole year, year by year like there’s a consistent amount of blog posts, they’re just not as timely as i should and i hope to adjust to at some point, but like in terms of serving our customers like day in and day out my team is there answering support tickets. Right so there’s the consistency where yeah overnight like my business, David’s business was not an overnight success, but little by little consistently creating content creating products providing value supporting our customers adding features that consistency is what has built up our businesses to be successful.

06:13 David Blackmon: Absolutely! So you know, be consistent you know, if you and it really really matters in the online world because search engines pay and pay attention to that . And they not only care about the quality of the content, they want to make sure that the content that they are going to be recommending is going to be someone who’s going to be putting out content on a regular basis. So it just makes logical sense and i promise you, it’s going to be the best thing that you could ever do for your business in the long run. You know, besides all this other stuff that you got to do this will make it you know a slam dunk home run for your business. So yeah be consistent. Tomorrow we’ve got another great topic, should you be using ai or artificial intelligence to create content on your website. Tne in tomorrow to find out we’ll see you then.

07:05 Tim Strifler: Take care, bye.



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