Where to Learn WordPress: Updated 2019


This is an updated Where to Learn WordPress | EP 1


  1. YouTube 1:28
  2. WP Beginner
  3. Learn.WordPress.com
  4. WordPress.TV 
  5. WordPress Codex
  6. Google
  7. WP 101
  8. iThemes Training
  9. Lynda.com
  10. Udemy.com
  11. Darrel Wilson 2:15
  12. Josh Hall 2:51
  13. WPgears.com 3:17

Read the full episode transcript below:

00:28 David: Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of WP the podcast, brought to you by WP gears. I’m David Blackmon

00:36 Tim: And I’m Tim Strifler.

00:37 David: Today we’re going to talk about where to learn WordPress. And this is an updated episode for 2019 because believe it or not, we kicked off our very first episode of WP the podcast way back in 2017 and episode one was where to learn WordPress. We figured it was a time to give it a refresh, because obviously WordPress has changed. We’ve had Gutenberg, WordPress 5.0 has come out. There’s a lot of things that have happened in the last couple of years and there’s some new resources to learn WordPress. We wanted to give this a refresher and from time to time we will take topics from a year or two ago that we feel can be updated, and we will update them as we go through. There we go. Tim go.

01:28 Tim: Yeah. And as Dave mentioned in episode one, we talked about this and so we have it linked in the show notes, but I’m going to quickly read through, and then that way, just to kind of recap what’s there. For YouTube you can learn, I mean there’s a lot of youtube channels out there. The ones that we recommended in episode one was WPCrafter, Adam Fraser and then Tyler Moore. And then resource number two, WPBeginner. Resource number three, learn.wordpress.com. Resource number four, wordpress.tv, which has all the WordCamp talks. And then the WordPress codex, it’s more development. Google, doing Google searches, WP101. ithemes training, lynda.com. And then Udemy.

02:15 David: Awesome. And we’ve got a couple of new that we’re going to add to the list. One of the youtubers that we’d like to add to the list is Darrel Wilson, a good friend of ours. We’ve met him in the last, this past year at some word camps and stuff. And Darrel’s got a really popular WordPress youtube channel. He covers a lot of the page builders, like Divi, Elementor, he gives you some walkthroughs and I think he’s even got like three and a half hour websites on how to build an entire website with WordPress. Go check out his youtube channel. It’s very popular and he’s very good.

02:51 Tim: Yeah. And then another one who has a youtube channel, also his website and that’s our good friend Josh Hall. He is a host on Divi Chat along with David and myself. And so joshhall.co. He has Divi and WordPress mini courses, WooCommerce, cPanel, Google analytics, stuff like that. And then he has a lot of free content on his youtube channel as well. So definitely check out joshhall.co.

03:17 David: Absolutely. And last but not least is one of my favorite websites, Tim and well, I might be a little biased, but WPgears.com. That’s Tim and I’s website. So obviously you’re listening to this awesome podcasts WP the podcast, we put out daily a lot of valuable information, a great resource for you to learn tips and tricks on how to use WordPress and stuff. And also courses, we have in depth specific courses to WordPress, email marketing, we’ve got a Facebook ads course coming out, we’ve got how to build a WordPress business. There’s a ton of really, really good valuable information there. So check us out.

04:02 Tim: And that we recently revamped the website, so if it’s been a while since you’d been there, it looks, same concept but we’ve built out a lot more and so it looks really good if I could say so myself, I didn’t design it so I’m not trying to take credit, but really happy with how it turned out.

04:21 David: Yeah, we are very, very proud of it. Tomorrow we’ve got another great episode, five ways to create recurring revenue as a WordPress web designer, Tim, until tomorrow we’ll see you then.

04:36 Tim: Take care. Bye. Bye.

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