What is SSL and Why You Need it for Your WordPress Website

  1. What is it? 00:52
    • SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and basically it’s a technology that encrypts the data between your website and the visitor’s browser.
    • From the visitor standpoint, they see https in their URL bar, instead of http.
    • Depending on the browser and depending on the level of the the SSL certificate, you might see a green bar or a green lock. Typically, there’s some visual to show that the site has additional security.
  2. It’s crucial for accepting sensitive information 02:03
    • If your website is collecting payment or personal information, you need to have it.
    • So for example, if you are an e-commerce site collecting credit card information, your website should have an SSL certificate.
  3. It’s becoming standard for all websites 03:43
    • It’s very easy to get for your website and it helps to build trust with your customers, so you might as well get it.
    • Regardless of personal information, users have become so afraid of hackers on the internet that they can be afraid to visit websites that don’t have additional security.
    • We will have an upcoming episode that goes into more depth on how to get an SSL.
  4. Google favors sites with SSL 04:48
    • In this last 12-18 months, Google added SSL as part of their ranking algorithm.
    • So if you have it, your site is going to rank better.
    • You can bet that your competitors have it, so you should to!

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