What Do You Want to Learn About Web Design, WordPress, Business

  1. Today we are focusing on the listeners! 00:38
    • What do you want to learn about web design, WordPress, business, and more?
    • Also, we have this handy search feature on our website that lets you search by topic to look through past episodes.
  2. We will migrating the podcast soon 01:15
    • The podcast will soon be moved over to our new website, WP Gears.
  3. We have come up with 307 different topics for the podcast 01:35
    • We’ve come up with a lot of episodes based on our personal experience and knowledge.
    • Now it’s your turn to come up with ideas! Tell us what you want to learn. Are there pain points that you want us to help you solve? We would love to hear what you want us to talk about on the podcast.
    • You can do this by using the form on our website here at WP the Podcast or over at WP Gears.

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