The Best Way to Make Your Business Stand Out

  1. Have a website  01:35
  2. Focus on Value (free value, and exceeding expectations for paid customers/clients)  02:23
  3. Show your face  03:48
  4. Be flexible  07:38

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00:28 David Blackmon: Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of wp the podcast i’m David Blackmon

00:34 Tim Strifler: And I’m Tim Strifler.

00:35  David Blackmon: And we are the wordpress dynamic duo tim i’m trying new things man we’ve been away for a while..

00:41 Tim Strifler: I like it

00:43 David Blackmon: Don’t know we may you may hear some things come out of us uh because it’s been a minute partly and we’re just getting comfortable with recording again but today we’ve got another great topic the best way to make your business stand out

02:17 Tim Strifler: Yeah and this is an important topic obviously the world is different than it was several years ago pre-covered right so many more businesses are remote so many more businesses are online now or trying to move online and and so you really have to uh create ways to stand out among your competitors and in your local niche and stuff like that so we’re going to try to keep it generic so it applies to other to any type of business but obviously there’s some that are going to be a little more specific to uh specific types of businesses out there so you want to go first david you want me to jump in

05:12 David Blackmon: Absolutely i’ll kick it off first thing we’re going to say is i know this may sound stupid and like. i can’t believe this is your number one but have a website. Tim is correct in that the world in the last couple of years with the pandemic with covet has changed a lot of things and i think it just brought the reality to small businesses or even businesses that have been in business for 50 years and didn’t think they needed a website because everybody knew who they were and everybody was just gonna come and patron patronize their business when all of a sudden the world shut down and they had no way to make money and stuff so first number one how do you stand out have a freaking website uh 

05:39 Tim Strifler: Two on our list here on the best ways to make your business stand out is focus on value right so uh that that could mean providing free value so for like a web designer for example creating uh content blog content podcasts youtube videos whatever um and then exp exceeding expectations for your paid customers and clients right don’t just do what you’re going to say you’re going to do but go above and beyond to really serve them and focus on bringing as much value as possible so like for me with my business uh my divi product business our membership is a a big thing that we focus on and so continuously adding more value to that membership is something that i’m focusing on and so it exceeds customers expectations it makes them excited it’s like even though they’ve already paid a lot of them are lifetime members wanting to keep them as happy as pos possible is ways that i’m things that i’m doing to make my business stand out obviously that’s going to apply to any type of business whether you’re a brick and mortar store a restaurant a web designer an online business whatever there’s so many different things that you can do creative ways that you can focus on value whether that’s free or on the paid side and exceeding those customers expectations 

03:48 David Blackmon: Yeah and i think you know this next one actually tim put this on the list but i’m actually glad that it’s falling in my turn because now that i’ve had a moment to sit with this you know he tim talked about showing your face you know don’t be afraid to show your face and i think as business owners in the past a lot of business owners you know they weren’t front-facing they weren’t out there you know greeting the customers shaking the hands you know i mean they were to a certain extent but they weren’t accessible to all customers well i think this pandemic what it did you know and why it’s important to be willing to show your face and i think the lessons learned from it is it humanizes the business you know for me personally i wanted to help support small businesses in the community that i lived in and by you know meeting the business owners and seeing you know you know how they were doing and stuff it mattered to me so i think what they realized is that oh no you know i don’t have to separate myself from the customer any longer you know don’t be afraid to set yourself apart go out meet your customers show your face be accessible and stuff show that you care and whatnot because i think what the pandemic did was it it allowed um you know the the consumer to engage with the business owner and stuff which i think is a huge thing going forward and

05:17 Tim Strifler: Yeah in the long run absolutely and just to add to that uh i can’t tell you how many websites of web designers and agencies that i’ve been to just because with my business i’m selling products to a lot of web designers and so many of these web designers and agency websites have really vague generic about pages that don’t show a photo of the owners or team members or whatnot and it’s like such a lost opportunity because if someone goes to your about page they want to know about you about your company not generic marketing lingo you know blah blah blah company strives to provide excellence and meet customers expectations and you know blah blah blah and it’s like just generic blah like that’s that’s not going to help you win a project or gain a customer but if you show your face and build that trust and credibility talk about who you are as david mentioned humanize your company put faces to the brand that’s going to help your business stand out huge big time yeah absolutely the last thing on our list is is be flexible that is so important during a pandemic or times of war is be flexible to help your customers so the example that david brought up is is restaurants uh you know doing online ordering doing you know take out when when maybe that wasn’t something that really uh focused on uh pre pandemic um providing different payment options for your customers or clients right uh basically you want to remove any barriers as all the barriers for your customers to give you money right it’s like business 101 right absolutely it’s like apple apple computer you can go into uh the an apple store and you can go and buy a product maybe not the the high ticket you know laptops and phones and stuff like that you can go and you can buy an accessory on your phone and walk out of the store without ever talking to an employee it almost it feels creepy feels like you’re stealing something because you go and you buy it on the app and walk out with it but they want you to be able to go and buy something as easily as possible right so they’re making they’re removing those barriers and they’re being flexible and i think there’s so many ways that that any type of business can continue to be flexible meet your customers where they’re at so that uh you can help your business stand out

07:45 David Blackmon: Yeah and i want to say you know to close this episode off is think outside the box um my personal opinion of where the future of the world is going you know you’ve heard of these things meta the metaverse facebook has the metaverse there’s a lot of you know virtual reality type kind of stuff that’s going on i’m telling you right now people are going to be working in offices next to co-workers but they’re going to be at their house and they’re going to have a set of goggles on and it’s going to be virtual reality so you know be flexible think outside of the box with your business you know sell your products and services online at a minimum because there’s a ton of businesses that shut down and lost their entire business because they they did not have a way to serve their customers if their doors were shut now nobody ever dreamed in a million years that businesses would be forced to close but it happened and to think that it won’t or can’t happen again is is naive so uh think outside the box in the future i’m telling you right now you heard it here first metaverse we’re gonna be doing shopping in our grocery stores with a pair of goggle on and we’re just going to be walking down the grocery aisle picking our groceries out same way we do right now in person and we’re going to click a button pay and boom it’s going to be dropped on our doorstep so um that’s the..

09:18  Tim Strifler: Yeah you’re going to be listening to wp the podcast in the metaverse you’re going to be watching us or our little avatars or whatever as we’re talking about these business wordpress marketing tips on a daily basis one thing i do want to add david you sparked an idea uh talking about thinking outside the box that is like one of the best ways to make your business stand out right so many people do things the same way because that’s the way it’s always been done but if you find ways to make your business stand out by thinking outside of the box that’s just going to help build your brand so like the the company that comes to mind is tesla like everything about tesla is they make their business stand out right they don’t do things the way that’s always been done they think outside the box they they allow their customers to buy certain things online with cryptocurrency like not not a lot of major brands do that uh everything about their products are so different and unique and that that helps them stand out and so it’s like they’re not just another car company you know they’re Tesla

10:23 David Blackmon: Absolutely all right well man tim it feels good to be back in the saddle and thinking outside of our own proverbial box and stuff bringing you some value in the wordpress space if you hope you enjoyed this episode if you have do us a favor share it with your friends let everybody know david and tim are back and they’re better than ever and they’re providing dropping some some pretty good gems and stuff so uh leave us a review five star review only please if you got a one star review we don’t want it you know uh i’m just kidding we’ll take all reviews we like all constructive feedback if there is a one-star review or if you know there’s something that you feel like needs to be changed let us know reach out to us we’re open-minded you know we don’t think we do everything perfect so um yeah let us know tomorrow we’ve got another great topic the state of the word press page builder which page builder does tim and i recommend we were divvy for a long time are we still divvy tune in tomorrow to find out we’ll see you tomorrow

11:32 Tim Strifler: Take care. Bye. Bye.

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