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00:29 David Blackmon: Hey everybody welcome to wp the podcast i’m David Blackmon

00:35 Tim Strifler: And I’m Tim Strifler.

00:36 David Blackmon: And it has been a minute tim we’re back! 

00:39  Tim Strifler: Yes yes this was a non-planned podcast break if you noticed our previous episode we never said hey we’re taking a break all of a sudden we just stop making episodes and we apologize for that that was not intentional it just happened and then it was meant to be a short break and it turned into a long break and here we are what a year and a half later..

01:02 David Blackmon:  it’s been about a year and a half yeah i mean lots lots have happened has happened for a lot of people in the world not only us i’m sure i mean we’ve had a freaking global pandemic where everything’s shut down and we you know couldn’t even go to our favorite restaurants and sit down and have a meal and stuff so lots of people lost their jobs lots of workplaces have changed fortunately i think the wordpress industry has exploded as a result of it and even clients and small businesses realized holy [ __ ] i need a website you know so it’s a lot of good stuff coming

01:53  Tim Strifler: Yeah absolutely so i guess what we’ve been up to personally uh since the last episode which i believe was beginning of august 2020 and uh so my son was born uh he was born august 2nd 2020. so we had recorded a couple up or a bunch of episodes in anticipation of me going on break with my son being born and everything he was born nine days early um and then yeah for those who are parents of young kids you know how crazy life gets when you start adding babies into the mix he’s now 18 months old um and so yeah i guess that’s our that’s our our time stamp for how long we’ve been on break is how long my son married or how old my son married is how long we’ve been on break i…

02:34 David Blackmon: I think that deserves a little bit of congratulations, buddy congratulations!

02:43  Tim Strifler: Thank you

02:44 David Blackmon: Im uh that’s a that’s a big deal first born um you know i’ve tried to give tim a few of mine over the years you know to kind of see if he wants to make sure he still wants to have kids but um yeah so congratulations thank you um well that’s what’s kind of going on for me in the last couple of years is um i’m going to be pretty honest transparent here a lot of personal growth you know um finalized finally i think in that time period or right before we quit i finalized a divorce and i was living in i settled down in the pacific northwest in a small town called ashland oregon to ride out the pandemic and didn’t realize the pandemic was going to last as long as it did so i’ve been there for the last couple of years and i recently relocated to east Tennessee just outside the Knoxville area in Maryville Tennessee and Corey my other business partner corey jenkins with Divi Space and Aspen Grove Studios we got our first office and i’m like recording this episode from like a legitimate office i think we’re we’re regressing you know the world’s going forward we’ve been working remotely for like a decade and all of a sudden corey and i get in office what the heck is going on so maybe maybe we’re losing our minds…

04:14 Tim Strifler: yes for those that don’t know david and his business partner corey they’ve had the most non-traditional business ever because they were legal business partners in business with aspen grove studios for what was it 14 months before you even met in person yeah right which is crazy in

04:34 David Blackmon: the facebook group it was a bromance from the get-go man

04:37 Tim Strifler: yeah and then yeah you guys are in business for a while before you even met person and then um fully remote company and then yeah as you said now years later finally getting a physical office together um but yeah it’s amazing i mean it’s it’s a different world we live in where we have those options and yeah you can be remote but you don’t have to if you don’t want to..

04:59 David Blackmon: yes and part of the reason why we got the office or at least i wanted it was a creative space you know it’s hard sometimes to separate your home office from your home you know your office from your home when you’re when you’re there all the time so it can kind of stymie the creativity and stuff and i really really wanted to be able to foster that creativity and that’s what i think is going to happen here um you know our office i’ll tell you a little bit about it it’s in the original library in downtown maryville uh it’s got the original brick walls some beaded board ceilings original floors and i mean the place is just awesome it’s just got a a great energy and vibe about it that makes me want to come in here and create awesome podcasts like this with tim and you know share our knowledge of wordpress and business with with the world and with you guys

05:55  Tim Strifler: yeah absolutely now if you’re listening to this and and you haven’t listened to any of our previous episodes and you’re brand new to wp the podcast uh first of all welcome and thanks for checking us out this is obviously an intro kind of welcome back episode but starting tomorrow we are going to be back at it with our daily uh episodes everything from wordpress to business to marketing uh to page builders to everything in between and so we we definitely encourage you to come back and and listen with us our episodes are usually pretty short uh average like five to eight minutes usually no longer than 10 minutes at the most if it’s a really in-depth episode but uh the the podcast is meant to be short and sweet and and it’s daily it’s every day so you can you can listen once a week and just binge listen uh to all the previous week’s episodes or you can join us on a daily basis but um we are excited to be bringing you our daily content uh every day from here on out

06:58 David Blackmon: and Tim i’m gonna okay maybe i did good um i was thinking man i hope it’s recording my audio i see my bars going up but i noticed that the little sound thing in the in the uh quicktime audio recording is muted

07:14 Tim Strifler: oh right yep that’s that’s the monitor yeah yeah we’re we’re a little rusty with our recording everyone..

07:15 David Blackmon: yeah we haven’t done this since it’s like uh would you click this click that i agree with tim if you’re new welcome thanks so much for checking us out uh if you’re a small business and you your whole world has changed because of the pandemic and you all of a sudden need to learn how to market yourselves online what’s the best way to present yourself with the website you’re in the right place because tim and i are a couple of freaking gurus and we know our stuff and we want to share our knowledge with you um and and i’m not just saying that for you know because i’m i’m an egomaniac and i want to brag but we have built multi-million dollar businesses on the wordpress platform so we we come from experience and not from you know theory or school not that there’s anything wrong with school or education it’s important but but ours comes from good old hard knocks you know we did it ourselves and we built a couple of really really awesome businesses so we want to share that knowledge so glad you’re here tim tomorrow we’ve got another great topic the best way to make your business stand out boom thanks for joining us everybody and we’re super excited to be back until tomorrow we’ll see you then

08:42 Tim Strifler: Take care. Bye. Bye.

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