Our Wins This Year So Far

  1. Comments are turned on after 2 years of doing podcast. 01:03
  2. David and Tim started to add WP The Podcast to YouTube 02:06
  3. WP The Podcast migration 03:24
  4. WordCamp Phoenix Talk 04:31
  5. David launched first episode of his vlog. 05:11
  6. Divi Life redesign 06:12

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00:21 David: Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, brought to you by WP Gears. I’m David Blackmon.

00:38 Tim: And I’m Tim Strifler.

00:39 David: Today we’re gonna talk about our wins in 2019 so far, and this spawned from a topic that we had about our failures in 2019 that we recently covered. And we figured we shared the bad with you, we might as well share some of the goods. And guess what? We do have some wins this year. And we’re gonna touch on them and stuff.

01:03 Tim: Yeah. And I wanna say real quick, when we talked about our failures, we actually got a lot of great feedback from it. We got a few comments even on the WP Gear’s podcast episode page for that episode, which is a reminder, let us know what your wins are. Leave us a comment. We’re trying to … We just turned comments on after, what 2 years of doing this podcast or however long it’s been? So we’re trying to increase that engagement so yeah. Chime in. We’re gonna respond to every single comment. So yeah, let us know your thoughts on any episode.

01:37 David: Yeah. Alright. Well, let’s start off. We’ve got 3 wins so far this year that we wanted to highlight, and this is … I guess this might not be all of them, but there were 3 ones that were significant. And we may even throw in a couple of personal ones as well. And one of the things that Tim and I have been talking about doing for a very long time, besides turning on the comments – which, hey, we could have put that one in the win.

02:03 Tim: Yeah, there’s another win.

02:06 David: Is we started to add WP The Podcast to YouTube. We know that YouTube is huge, second largest search engine in the world, and we’ve felt for a long time that it would be valuable for our audience, and everybody likes to listen to the things that they like to listen to and watch in their own way. YouTube, we felt like was something that we just needed to be on and put the podcast on, but we haven’t been putting it on there. So guess what? As of a few weeks now, we started uploading all of the episodes to YouTube to our WP Gears YouTube channel.

02:47 David: So if you’re not a subscriber, head on over to YouTube and just do a search for WP Gears. We’re WP The Podcast, and you’ll find our channel. And we’d love it if you’d subscribe. Make sure you hit the bell for notifications, and you can listen to the podcast there. So if that’s a place that you prefer to stay and be. I will tell you that Tim and I do have some plans for some live video stuff on our YouTube channel this year. I’m not really sure when we’re gonna start that, but we have discussed it. And I know that it’s something that we wanna do and that we are going to do.

03:24 Tim: Yeah. Definitely. The next win that we wanna talk about from WP Gears is we successfully migrated wpthepodcast.com into WP Gears, and so if you go to wpthepodcast.com, it’s going to re-direct you over to WP Gears, ’cause that’s where the podcast is now hosted. We’re still calling it WP The Podcast, but it’s all part of the WP Gears family, and so we have … Not only did we migrate the podcast, but we also finished building out the site, and so we had a phase 1 version of WP Gears when we launched that last year. And so now phase 2 is done. So you can go to wpgears.com, check that out, let us know what you think. And then we’re still working on a couple parts of it. So I guess you can say that that’s going to be phase 3, when we add those additional pages and resources.

04:36 David: Absolutely, yeah. And that was a big, big thing. I mean, that’s something that we’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and yeah. It’s good. It’s over there now, and I’ve gotta say. I think it’s a badass design. If you go check it out for nothing else other than just to look at it, let us know what you think about the website. We’d love your feedback.

04:31 David: Third, but definitely not least on our list of wins this year is, Tim and I recently spoke at Word Camp Phoenix. So it was probably the best talk that we’ve ever given together.

04:43 Tim: Yeah.

04:44 David: And we’ve spoken together quite a few times now. And it just seemed like we kicked 2019 off with a bang. And we were fortunate enough to be invited back to speak at Word Camp Phoenix in February. And we went and it was a success. It was huge. We got a great, huge response from it. A lot of good, positive feedback. So we’re chalking that one up as a win in the win column.

05:11 David: I’m gonna go with one personal one for me. I don’t know if Tim has one. If he doesn’t, that’s okay. I have been talking about starting a vlog for 4 years. I’ve always wanted to do a YouTube vlog, and I just never have found the time. Well, guess what? 2019, a couple of weeks ago, I launched my first episode of my vlog. So it’s on my personal channel. Even WP Gears links to … It kind of shows Tim and I’s YouTube channels that we subscribe to. So if you wanna find it there, you can. Or just Google my name, David Blackmon, and you’ll see my awesome new YouTube channel, man.

05:56 Tim: Yeah.

05:56 David: Go check out my vlog and leave me a comment and let me know what you think. All it is was the trip that I took to Phoenix for Tim and I when we did our talk and stuff. So yeah. I’m gonna start vlogging over there.

06:09 David: Tim, you got any wins for this year?

06:12 Tim: I have a lot of wins that are brewing. I’ll share one of them. When I launched my product business, Divi Life, in 2016, the website was a very quick – it was meant to be an MVP with the plan of doing a full redesign shortly after. Well, almost 3 years have gone by now, and it’s still the same exact website. It’s one of those things where you’re so busy that you don’t have time to redo your own website. And so I’m happy to say that a new design is in the works, and I figured out the problem – I was planning on doing it. Once I took that off my plate and hired a professional designer to do it for me, it’s actually gonna happen. So that’s the win, even though it’s not completed yet, that’s what I’m sharing, and I can’t wait to in the next month or so when it is up to be able to share that.

07:01 David: That is a huge win, man. I’m excited to see it.

07:05 David: Alright, well, there you go. Our wins so far this year. I’m sure there’s going to be lots more. If you have some wins from 2019 and you’d like to share them with us, we would love to hear about them. If you don’t subscribe to this channel, and you’re brand new, hey. Subscribe to our channel. We’ve got lots of awesome stuff that comes out daily. It’s a daily podcast, so yeah. Subscribe. We’d love to hear from you. Come on over to wpgears.com, check out Episode 483. Leave us a comment and let us know what your wins are.

07:37 David: Tomorrow, we’ve got another great topic. Your brain is broken, Tim. Let’s fix it. And we’re gonna let you know all about that tomorrow. I am not telling you what that episode’s about. You’re gonna have to come listen.

07:52 David: Tim, until tomorrow. We’ll see you then.

07:56 Tim: Take care. Bye bye.

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