5 Time Management Tips for Web Designers

  1. Aggregate a library of layouts to reuse 01:45
    • You don’t need to come up with a unique idea for every feature of every website.
    • For example, there are only so many ways that you can build a contact page.
  2. Have a set-up template or process when starting on a new client project 03:25
    • Create your own default child theme that includes all of your standard plugins. This will make setting up each website so much faster.
    • Other recommended resource: DesktopServer
  3. Use the same project management tool for all of your projects 04:55
    • If you stick with one project management tool, it will save you time over the long run.
    • Resources: Asana and Trello
  4. Stick with the same theme framework (such as Divi) 06:52
    • When you stick with one framework, you’ll get to know that theme inside and out.
    • This will help you with your time management by not having to search for a new theme for each project.
    • For more information on this topic, listen to Episode 6!
  5. Find a tool that turns off notifications and other distractions 08:25
    • Turn off social media and engage in high focus work hours.
    • Avoid “reactive work” when you are in the middle of a task, which is anything you have to react to, such as client requests, emails, notifications, and more
    • Resources: Cold Turkey and Focus Booster

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