Our Favorite Project Management Tools to Use in Our WordPress Business | EP 15

September 29, 2017

Our Favorite Project Management Tools

  1. Slack (messaging tool) 01:10
    • Slack can completely eliminate internal email.
    • Slack can integrate with lots of other apps too.
    • Free version is very powerful
  2. Asana: Project Management Tool 02:00
    • You can set up projects, tasks, subtasks. And then assign tasks to team members and set deadlines.
    • You can get email notifications when people comment.
    • Free up to 15 users
  3. Trello: Project Management Tool 03:50
    • Trello uses a visual card system to move cards through different workflows/tasks lists
  4. Mindmeister: mind mapping 05:50
    • You can see a high level, big picture view of all projects going on
    • You can use it for wire framing a site
    • Very collaborative
  5. Workflowy 06:40
    • An advanced to-do list with lots of features based around to-do lists
  6. Google Drive 07:05
    • Storage in the cloud, shared Google Docs, shared spreadsheets
    • all stored in the cloud
    • great for managing projects and collaborating
  7. Dropbox 08:25
    • great for cloud storage, backups, sharing files
  8. Calenly: appointment scheduling 08:40

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