How to Optimize Images for Web

  1. Resize images and use appropriate sizes 01:21
    • It seems like a no-brainer, but many people use images that are too large.
    • Use an image cheat sheet to quickly resize images.
    • Resource: Image Size Cheat Sheet
  2. Optimize images in Photoshop 02:58
    • Use the setting that will optimize for web.
    • Save as a .jpg whenever possible. The only time you should you using a .png file is when you need a transparent background.
  3. Use an image compression tool 03:55
    • This type of tool compresses the image without degrading the photo.
    • The photo looks the same, but is significantly smaller.
    • Resources: WP smushit (plugin) and tinypng (online tool)
  4. Bonus tip! Batch edit photos in Photoshop 04:57
    • Set up an action in Photoshop that allows you to resize images in bulk for your website.

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