3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Post Web Design Pricing (and 3 Reasons Why You Should)

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  1. Reason you shouldn’t #1 02:02
    • Every client is different, which means that every project is different (and every price is different).
    • The website for a restaurant is going to be different than a website for a lawyer.
  2. Reason you shouldn’t #2 03:24
    • Clients will reference your website when you start to talk pricing.
    • If a client sees your pricing for a 3-5 page website for $1,500, then wants a 10,000 product e-commerce website, they might be confused when you quote them $25,000. They might not understand the extra work that is involved in different types of websites.
  3. Reason you shouldn’t #3: Your competition will see your web design pricing 04:58
    • It’s not the worst thing in the world, but can make more of an impact with the local competition.
    • If you’re going after a client and you post your prices, your competition down the street may say they can do a job for $500 cheaper.
  4. Reason you should #1: It will weed out clients that can’t afford you 05:52
    • Talking to a potential client is an investment in your time.
    • If a client is looking for the cheapest price possible, they are not a good fit for you.
  5. Reason you should #2: You can avoid the “sticker shock” when you give your proposal 07:42
    • You don’t want to go through the whole discovery process of figuring out what they need and then making the proposal, just to find out that they can’t afford your services.
  6. Reason you should #3: Transparency can build trust with your potential clients 08:23
    • If they know the pricing range ahead of time, they will know exactly what they are getting into.

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