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00:28 David Blackmon: Welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, my name is David Blackmon.

00:35 Tim Strifler: And i’m Tim Strifler

00:38 David Blackmon: Today on episode 816 we’re going to talk about the best ways that, we think, you can do to acquire users for your brand company. Whatever it is, whether you’re a service based business a product based company it doesn’t matter, at the end of the day you need to have customers. And what do we think are the most effective ways to get users into your ecosystem so that they can start following you and potentially ultimately purchasing your wherever they are whether they’re services or products. And i’m gonna i’m gonna start this one Tim because you know this is uh something that both of us i think do really really well and um it’s not rocket science but i think a lot of times.

01:30 Tim Strifler: Rocket science was actually my answer..

01:32 David Blackmon: Well sure

01:34 Tim Strifler: ..the best way to acquire users..

01:36 David Blackmon: …it is rocket science…  um i actually think that you know, most a lot of business owners and stuff they get scared to do some of the things that we’re going to recommend doing, because they think they’re giving away the secrets to their business or if they do certain things then people aren’t going to buy from them. And actually it’s just the opposite. So um we both produce a tremendous amount of free content i don’t know what the ratio is but i wouldn’t be shocked if it’s ten to one you know, on the ratio to free to paid stuff. And i think that if you can teach people, if you can help people um that is the the number one best way to get users into your ecosystem is giving them stuff for free. Giving them useful things and it’s not just cheesy little trying to trick them to come get their email address or something give them something of value help them out help solve some problems of theirs and that’s going to be by far. The best way that you can get people into your ecosystem. Tim what do you think?

03:42 Tim Strifler: Yeah, no i completely agree. I think uh depending on what you do, whether you are uh a service-based business or a product-based business there’s going to be variations you know like paid ads for example. I don’t really recommend paid ads for service-based companies that are local, just doesn’t have the same effect. But i totally agree with David, creating free content and establishing yourself as an authority is hands down the best overall way to acquire users, whether you’re service based, whether you’re product based, whether you’re selling online, whether you’re brick and mortar. If you can create content that helps your ideal customer then over time you will win big, and it doesn’t matter again if you’re selling a product or providing a service. So people want to hire authorities in a certain space, people want to buy from companies that are authorities in a certain space. So you establish yourself as an expert and provide content that helps your users solve their problems, even if it overlaps a little bit with what you you charge for, that’s okay as David mentioned. You don’t need to be afraid that people no one’s going to want to hire you if you give away you know a little snippet of something that you normally charge, for because here’s the thing! The people that just want that freebie, they’re we’re never going to hire you anyways, they’re never going to buy from you so the people that only want the free stuff or your customers so exactly…

04:14 David Blackmon: Yeah, so there you go, don’t be afraid to help people, put valuable useful free content out there. Establish yourself as an authority and whatever your niche is, and that’s going to build up your user base. The best way, you know acquiring users by purchasing email lists or or doing stuff that’s cold that people really don’t know you is not going to be the most effective way. So yeah you can waste a lot of money doing it if you want to but i recommend taking that effort and those dollars and putting it into something that we know is going to work and stuff. Tomorrow we’ve got another great topic, WordPress plugin highlight we haven’t done one of these in a while and the plugin is When Last Login. Until tomorrow we’ll see you then..

05:12 Tim Strifler: Take care, bye.



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