Should I Use Facebook Ads to Promote my Web Design Business

Yes! If you do it correctly. We aren’t going to go into the technical aspects of Facebook ads in this episode, so we highly recommend that you find a mentor or hire a professional to help you if you are serious about Facebook ads.


  1. Emphasize that you are local (if you’re marketing locally) 02:19
    • Show the local businesses that you’re not some random person on the internet, you’re in their own backyard.
    • This will help create a connection between you and your surrounding businesses.
  2. Connect with the audience by showing your face 03:10
    • Create an introductory video to make a connection with your audience.
    • This will give your audience someone to relate to.
  3. Don’t appear spammy or salesy by giving a pitch 03:57
    • Talk about who you are and what you can do to help their business.
    • Provide value to the viewer of the ad.
  4. Be the helpful web designer that can help them achieve their goals 04:31
    •   Talk about the value that you can bring.
  5. Last minute tips! 05:16
    • Make sure that you have the tracking pixel set up.
    • Be sure to set the ad’s goal for conversion.

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