The Importance of Getting Feedback from Clients, Customers, Etc

  1. It will help you improve your process 01:14
    • Always strive to be improving processes, getting more efficient, and performing your work better.
    • Getting feedback will help you do this because it will give you insight into how you are currently doing and where you can improve.
    • It will also help you diagnose pain points that you weren’t even aware of.
  2. It will help you put together case studies and ask for testimonials/reviews 02:28
    • Getting feedback will help you put together these case studies for your website.
    • It will also help you determine which clients will be able to give you the best testimonial for your website.
  3. It helps you identify your strongest skills 03:25
    • A customer could comment on something that you didn’t even realize was a strength or something that you did well.
    • This is so useful to know going into future projects.
    • Also, you might find out that things you thought you were doing wrong were actually done really well.
    • Your perception of your customer relation isn’t always what it seems, so it pays off to ask for that feedback and find out.

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