When Should You Bring Someone On Full Time

  1. When you start to get more clients than you can handle alone 01:37
    • You can always contract someone out for specific projects when you go through busy periods.
    • But if you start to consistently need to hire out contract work, then you should bring someone on full time to work with you.
    • Then you know that this person is available and loyal to you. They won’t be out looking for other projects necessarily to fill the rest of their work schedule.
  2. When you find someone that is a really good fit for your team 02:22
    • If you find someone that works efficiently, gets along well with clients, and just is easy to work with, then you should bring them on as a team member.
    • It’s worth it to secure this type of team member, even if you don’t necessarily need them full time yet. You can hustle harder in the short term to secure this employee for the future.
  3. We have a launch date for our course! 05:09
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