How to Use LinkedIn to Get More Clients

  1.  Ditch the resume focused profile 00:59
    • Start looking at your profile as more of a landing page
    • Most profiles include your work experience, but also your education, college organizations, certifications, etc.
    • But clients don’t really care what fraternity you were in. They care what you can do for them.
  2.  Tailor your profile to speak to your ideal client 02:51
    • Tell them why they should care about you.
    • Showcase who you’ve worked with and what you can offer potential clients.
    • Be clear on the persona of your ideal client.
  3.  Repurpose blog content 05:05
    • LinkedIn has a section on your profile for posting blog posts.
    • Post a section of one of your blog posts with a “read more” link that goes back to your website.
  4.  Connect with a lot of people 05:57
    • More connections means more 2nd connections!

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