5 WordPress Hosting Solutions We Recommend (And 5 We Don’t)

  1. Do: WPEngine 01:17
    • Tim’s preferred hosting platform.
    • A hosting solution that focuses just on WordPress, with many built-in features.
    • Managed solution, which is more expensive, but you get a lot of value.
  2. Don’t: BlueHost 02:22
    • Though it is more affordable than other platforms, it comes with many problems and vulnerabilities.
    • It is a shared hosting solution, meaning that you will share the hosting with other users on the servers.
    • This could slow down your website and also puts you at risk of being hacked.
  3. Do: A2 Hosting 03:15
    • David’s preferred hosting platform.
    • Another premium hosting solution like WPEngine.
  4. Don’t: HostGator 04:10
    •  Same reasons as BlueHost.
    • Tim started out on HostGator and had several experiences with getting hacked, even with very secure site settings and plugins.
  5. Do: SiteGround 05:00
    • Highly recommended hosting solution in the Divi community.
  6. Don’t: 1 and 1 05:20
    • Has low server specifications, which will cause many problems for your site, especially if you sell products.
  7. Do: Flywheel 05:53
    • Similar in a lot of ways to WPEngine, but targets designers specifically.
    • Another managed hosting solution.
  8. Don’t: GoDaddy 07:19
    • A great place to register your domain, but not a great place to host your website.
  9. Do: Liquid Web 08:47
    • Another highly recommended hosting solution.
  10. Don’t: DreamHost 09:38
    • If you’re using DreamHost, get off it and go to one of our recommended solutions.

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