What is the ROI on Content Marketing?

  1. Content marketing is important 01:07
    • No matter which industry you are in, content marketing is important. Even if you sell pizzas, you should be blogging about it.
    • Content is the main force behind driving search traffic to your website.
  2. David’s experience 03:09
    • “For every client we work with, I recommend going for the long play, which is building up and creating valuable content for the end-user.”
    • “The job of the search engine is to produce the most relevant results. If a customer searches online for pizza, then Google is going to show the website that is putting content out on the most regular basis.”
    • “With Aspen Grove Studios, we committed 2 years ago that we would publish a 1,000 word blog post every week. We knew that it wouldn’t change things overnight, but that 12 months or 18 months down the line Google would start to see us as an authority in the Divi space. By the end of 12 months, we were ranking on page 1 of Google for our top search terms.”
  3. Tim’s experience 07:04
    • “I have been doing tutorials on my website Divi Life for over a year now and have seen huge returns on my content marketing efforts.”
    • “In 2017, 40% of my traffic came from Google and 30% of my revenue came from that traffic.”
  4. Get started today 09:06
    • Content marketing will help you become an expert in your field, attract new clients, and close more sales.
    • The more content you have, the better. So get started today.

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