7 Tools to Help You Run Your Freelance or Agency Business in the Cloud

  1. LastPass 02:03
    • In this day and age, everything requires a username and password.
    • It’s hard to keep track of all this information and it’s not safe to use the same password.
    • LastPass will save all of your passwords and secure your account with one very complex password.
    • 1password is another similar service for storing passwords.
  2. Asana and Trello 03:49
    • Great softwares for project management.
    • Both softwares have apps for mobile management.
  3. Dropbox and Google Drive 04:45
    • Great services for file and media storage.
    • Allows for easy access from remote locations.
  4. Evernote 05:34
    • You get a lot of value in the free version, but upgrading to the paid version gives you extra storage and more device options.
    • This software is great for drafting blog posts and keeping notes.
  5. MailChimp and GetResponse 06:11
    • Essential for building an email list and staying connected with your customers.
  6. iCloud 07:57
    • For the ecosystem of Apple products.
    • Password storage, syncing devices, and media/file storage.
  7. Slack and Skype 10:15
    • Services that you can use for communication.
    • Skype is account based, whereas Slack is team based.

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