7 Habits of Highly Effective WordPress Business Owners

  1. Be a great communicator 01:47
    • This is so important if you are working with clients.
    • Freelance web designers have a bad reputation of going MIA. You clients need to know that they can count on you.
  2. Be hyper-organized 02:41
    • When working with multiple clients and team members, it is crucial that you be organized, or hyper-organized!
    • If you are a solopreneur, then it may not apply to you as much, but it will make your life easier.
    • This is something that all effective WordPress business owners do. They have a process for everything.
  3. Be extremely efficient 04:16
    • This goes hand in hand with being hyper-organized. When you are organized, you become more efficient.
    • Clients won’t be happy if they get billed for extra time or tasks because you were unorganized and inefficient.
  4. Be a visionary 05:01
    • Be able to spot a trend before reading about it online.
    • Have a view of where the industry is going.
    • Be an early adopter of technologies that will revolutionize the industry.
  5. Be an expert at identifying talent 06:18
    • If you plan to expand your team now or in the future, you need this skill.
    • Look for the potential in someone, not just their existing skillset.
    • Also, consider how this person will fit with your existing team.
  6. Be great at managing your team 08:04
    • If you put together a team of chaos… then the business will be chaos.
    • Putting different personality types together into one business is an art.
  7. Be able to take breaks and take care of yourself 08:58
    • If you’re not able to take care of yourself and prevent burnout, you’re not going to be an effective WordPress business owner. You’re not going to be able to accomplish what you set out to do, unless you take time for yourself!

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