How to Get Started With Social Media for Your Business

  1. Figure out who your audience is 00:58
    • This is something that you want to do in business anyways.
    • Identifying this will help you create the right sales copy and sell the right products when using social media for your business.
  2. Where is your audience online? 02:04
    • Just because you like Facebook, doesn’t mean that your audience does.
    • You may be trying to reach them through Twitter when really they are all on Instagram.
  3. Set attainable goals and be consistent 03:07
    • Start small and then plan to scale.
    • This could be posting three times a week to start with. The important part is being consistent.
  4. Keep it simple, but test, test, test! 03:57
    • Try out different types of content and always be testing.
    • Do ads work better than video? What copy gets the most response?
    • This goes hand in hand with the last point. You need to be consistent, so you have results to compare for testing.

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