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00:21 David Blackmon: Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of WP The podcast, brought to you by WP Gears. I’m David Blackmon.

00:36 Tim Strifler: I’m Tim Strifler.

00:38 David Blackmon: Today, we’re going to tell you about some exciting news and things that we have coming from WP Gears. I don’t know how to introduce the topic any other way than that. I think we’re just gonna dive in. Tim, do you want to take the first one?

00:54 Tim Strifler: Absolutely. The first thing that we have coming soon is class three of our Devi Business Expert Course. David and I are experts with the Divi theme and we have businesses built around the Divi theme, as well as we create products, tutorials, resources for people that use the Divi theme. One of the things that we have, our first course on WP Gears is the Divi Business Expert Course. We’ve had two classes already that have really exceeded our expectations in terms of the success. By success, I mean how many students joined, but also the success that our students have seen from the course in terms of the firsthand stories that they’re sharing with us about the projects that they’re getting as a result of the course.

01:42 Tim Strifler: Divi Business Expert, a short little rundown for you, we go beyond what any other course or tutorial teaches. We don’t teach the ins and outs of the Divi theme, because you can learn that for free in a hundred different places. What we teach is the things that you can’t learn anywhere else, which is how to build a business around it, how to build a business around creating websites with Divi and WordPress and streamlining your process, creating an efficient workflow, all the tips and tricks that we’ve learned over the years to really help you create websites faster so that you can take on more projects.

02:16 Tim Strifler: Then of course, the really important thing that has become the favorite part of the course, which is helping you get projects, high paying clients, helping you get out of a rot, if you’ve been doing business for a while, but you’re in a spot where you need to get things moving again. That’s the rundown on Divi Business Expert. David, feel free to jump in if I missed anything, but we’re launching class three coming up, so stay tuned for the official announcement of when that opens up, but we’re excited for the biggest class yet, so we couldn’t be more pumped.

02:50 David Blackmon: We do. Class three is slated right now the way it looks to be the largest class so far. Now, we’ve got almost 300 students in the Divi Business Expert Course. Like Tim said, don’t think that you just have to use Divi to benefit from this class because we cover sales, marketing, prospecting, contracts, agreements. There’s a ton of valuable information in this course that’s around WordPress as a whole. We just happened to be Divi gurus and experts and we wanted to just share that because that’s our audience, but this is a WordPress course, so don’t mistake that.

03:37 Tim Strifler: Actually, we had a student that signed up for the course and then ended up switching from Divi to when one of Divi’s biggest competitors. We assured him there’s nothing that’s specific to Devi. If you’re using one of the other page builders, you’re going to get the same time saving tips, workflow, speed up type things. He’s using another theme or using another page builder, and he’s getting a lot of value out of the course, even though it’s technically Divi Business Expert.

04:08 David Blackmon: What you’re telling me, Tim, what I heard you say is we can have the Elementor Expert Business Course?

04:16 Tim Strifler: We could, yes.

04:17 David Blackmon: We have a student in there. I’m just playing. Absolutely. Go check it out. We’ve got that coming out. It’s slated to be our biggest enroll and intake yet. We will be launching, opening that up this month for you to jump in and take it. It’s an eight week course. It’s awesome. The coaching calls are second to none. It’s not only beneficial and fun for our students, but it is a lot of fun for Tim and I as well, because sometimes we get to role play and you get to hear how I close deals and prospect and do a lot of stuff which is really, really good.

04:58 David Blackmon: Another, something that we are pumped and super excited about that’s coming within the next 60 days, possibly within the next 30 days, we’re going to launch this. We’re doing a Facebook ads course. We’ve partnered with two of the best Facebook ad course gurus, Pete and Jordan. Let me get their website and stuff. Actually, I don’t have their website and stuff, but I want to get their last names because I’m terrible with names. I suffer from CRS.

05:29 Tim Strifler: Jones.

05:30 David Blackmon: Jones. Pete and Jordan Jones’ Facebook course, we’ve partnered with them. They have put together one of the most in depth, amazing how to run Facebook ads course, because at the end of the day, even though Tim and I run Facebook ads, we wanted to bring value to our students and stuff and to our audience. Tim and I could easily put on a Facebook ads course, but that’s not our niche specialty. That’s not what we focus on. We’re probably more of email marketing as opposed to the Facebook ads stuff. It would be our real specialty outside of WordPress.

06:14 David Blackmon: We’ve partnered. I’m going to tell you that we have dedicated to partner with some of the most amazing WordPress people in the world to put on courses and stuff for WP Gears. Not only in this next quarter, but this year, we’ve got some really awesome courses coming out with some amazing partners, but be on the lookout for the Facebook ads course.

06:40 Tim Strifler: The Facebook ads course is kind of two fold. If you just want to learn the ins and outs of Facebook ads so that you can run your own ads, this is the course for you. However, if you’re a web designer or developer or you an agency or you’re a freelancer and you want something that you can upsell to your clients, for example, you created their website. You’re doing their maintenance for them, managing their site. Well, this course is going to teach you how you can upsell that Facebook ads to your clients and then manage a bunch of clients that you’re running all their Facebook ads for them.

07:17 Tim Strifler: It’s two fold because it’s not just about learning how to do ads, but also learning how to sell Facebook ads as a service to your clients. That brings us to the third thing that we have coming soon from WP Gears. David hinted at it. We are both very passionate about email marketing, and so we are putting together a full blown course on email marketing to teach you the ins and outs of how to grow an email list, how to use email marketing to grow your business, grow your revenue, so if you’re an ecommerce business, how to set up automations, email sequencing and how to figure out the right type of lead magnets so that you can entice people to join your list.

07:59 Tim Strifler: It’s going to be awesome. I’m pumped about it. It’s probably the part of Internet marketing that I’m most passionate about and I feel like I have the most to offer. Email marketing is definitely the biggest revenue driver in my business and I know as well as in David’s business, and so we’re going to share everything we’ve learned and what we’ve been able to accomplish with email marketing be a big part of it.

08:23 David Blackmon: Absolutely. Tim and I have built our email lists to nearly 75,000 subscribers. Here’s the tip about email marketing, when you have 75,000 engaged readers of your email list, you don’t have to sell 75,000 people all the time. You need a very, very small percentage of them actually purchasing your products and stuff. I’m excited about the email marketing course as well. It’s one of the things that I’m most passionate about also and that I couldn’t agree more. It is the driving force behind our business and stuff.

09:04 David Blackmon: Tim and I recently did a talk on over the shoulder email marketing at WordCamp Phoenix. I’m not sure when it’s going to come out on However, I did record it on our phone, and we’ve got it on our YouTube channel. Go to WP Gears’ YouTube channel. Subscribe, hit the bell notification because we’re going to be putting all of our podcast episodes on there as well, but you can see that video.

09:30 David Blackmon: It was a packed house, and we had a ton of people that were asking lots of questions. In fact, we didn’t even get to them all because we only had 40 minutes that we could cover, and they had other speakers at the WordCamp and stuff, but it was great. Check it out. Tomorrow, we’ve got another great topic, free SSL certificates versus premium, which should you do? Tim, until tomorrow. We’ll see you then.

10:01 Tim Strifler: Take care. Bye. Bye.

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