Why When and How to Fire Clients Part 1

  1. They are hard to communicate with 02:30
    • They don’t answer your calls. They don’t answer your emails.
    • When they do communicate with you, they are short, angry, or “know everything”.
    • If you have any clients like this, it might be time to part ways.
  2. They are very demanding 02:54
    • We all know the type… They want everything and they want it NOW.
    • Usually it’s the clients that pay the least that demand the most.
  3. They don’t pay on time 03:22
    • You’re always having to chase them down for your money.
    • You do your work and your end of the deal. Then, you send your invoice and…. crickets. You may not even get a response.
    • Eventually after the second, third, or even fourth follow up, you finally get paid, but it’s so much extra work and time at that point.
  4. They don’t value or respect you 04:09
    • This can mean not respecting your value, skills, experience, opinions, time, etc.
    • This one might be trickier to identify. It might manifest in one of the other behaviors mentioned in this episode.
    • You want to work with people who understand the value of the work you provide, and the skill and experience that goes into it.
  5. They think they’re the EXPERT 05:04
    • They come to you to help them build a website and an online presence, yet they decide to tell you how to run your business.
    • If you run into one of these types of clients, you’re going to have a lot of work ahead of you.
    • In this situations, you should definitely fire clients. You will have to fight with them every step of the way.

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