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00:28 Tim Strifler: Everyone welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast i’m Tim Strifler and my co-host David Blackmon will be back with us tomorrow. Hopefully we had some scheduling conflicts this last week and uh with him traveling, and so we weren’t able to record together. But we will be back and if you’re watching on youtube apologies for the audio only. We’ll be back with our normal video uh either tomorrow or within the next couple days. So today we are talking about the best learning management system for WordPress. So an LMS which stands for learning management system is what you use to facilitate an online course within WordPress. So if you are selling an online course or you’re building a site for a client who wants to sell online courses you’re going to need an LMS, right? Something to handle all the lesson creation to be able to track student progress, for students to be able to enroll and give them the proper access, and they can have upgrades, and you can add quizzes. So there’s all these different features that you can do for online learning. And a learning management system is what makes that happen. Now there’s a few different choices out there. My favorite and it’s what David and i use on where we have the Divi business expert course and the WordPress and Divi Beginners Course is. Uh we use Lifterlms. And so Lifter is great it’s simple to use, um it uh i haven’t found any conflicts or really issues at all. And so it does what it’s supposed to be doing, and then beyond that. The support is really good as well, as just their community and so Chris Badgett and Thomas that the two founders of the company are awesome hung out with them at Wordcamps. Um they’re they’re great guys and they give a lot back to the WordPress community. They have a really awesome facebook group um i forget what the facebook group is called but if you search Lifterlms and facebook groups you’ll find it. And so that yeah they just have a really awesome community, and they’re doing a lot to help their users uh create courses. And so once you use the software you can actually import some test courses, which in and of itself is a course for you to learn how to use their software, which is pretty brilliant. So highly recommend it if you’re someone who is looking to do an online course or thinking about it or whateve. So that is it, we will be back tomorrow with another episode and until then take care bye-bye.


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