Why When and How to Fire Clients Part 2

Yesterday on Episode 264, we talked about why you should fire clients. Today, we are going to talk about when you should fire clients. Clients can sometimes make our lives stressful, but at what point do they take it too far?

  1. When you’ve had 2 or more red flags 01:25
    • Things happen. A client may be late on a payment or you could have a miscommunication on an aspect of the project. Usually, you can work these things out.
    • However, if it happens again… be a bit more cautious. If it happens more than twice, you might have to reconsider your working relationship.
  2. When they continuously miss your deadlines 01:54
    • In every project, there are assignments for you and assignments for the client.
    • If the client does not provide the images, content, bio for about page, etc, then you can’t do your job.
    • When a client continuously misses these pre-determined deadlines, it pushes the project back. After too many of these, you should consider parting ways. You don’t want a 3 month project to last a year.
  3. When they’re not paying you 02:50
    • If you’re working on a project and not getting paid, you’re losing out on projects where you could be getting paid.
    • Also, you’re not making money!
    • If a client is not paying you, get out.
  4. When you have to fight for your own sanity 03:52
    • We’ve all had those clients who just make you stressed out and anxious.
    • They are missing deadlines, not getting back to you, or just expect and demand way too much.
    • It’s just not worth your sanity. If you have to give them a refund to get out, so be it. Your health and sanity are more important.

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