20 Mobile Apps to Run Your WordPress Business

  1. WordPress  01:05
    • WordPress has a great mobile app that allows you to sign in to multiple websites at once.
  2. Paypal 01:35
    • If you’re not using a payment processor, go back and listen to episode 55.
  3. Gmail 01:59
    • The app has a lot of similar features to the desktop version and is an all around great email tool.
  4. Stripe 02:29
    • Another great payment processing tool.
  5. Asana 02:45
    • David and Tim’s go-to project management tool. All the same features as the desktop version, but with you at all times!
  6. Help Scout 03:00
    • David and Tim both use this tool for customer service.
  7. Evernote 03:28
    • Very powerful note-taking tool that you can use with your team.
  8. Dropbox 04:09
    • Tim uses Dropbox as his main form of cloud storage for backing up all of the files on his computer.
  9. Facebook Ads Manager 04:34
    • If you’re running Facebook ad campaigns, this mobile app is a must.
    • If you want to know whether or not you should run Facebook ads for your web design business, listen to episode 65.
  10. Google Analytics 05:05
    • Use this app to monitor the traffic on your websites.
  11. Google Drive 05:23
    • Another storage-based cloud app.
    • David’s preferred cloud storage solution.
    • Tim uses this solution for sharing files with team members.
  12. QuickBooks 06:22
    • Great for keeping tabs on your accounting when you are on the go.
  13. FreshBooks 06:47
    • Another accounting software, though more focused on basic accounting and better for client invoicing.
    • Tim uses this for invoicing clients.
  14. Skype 07:14
    • Great for messaging, voice and video calls, screen sharing, and group chats.
  15. Slack 07:37
    • David and Tim’s most used app in this list.
    • Great for messaging, sharing files, and more.
  16. Appear.in 08:08
    • Great for video conferencing.
    • Works really well for a quick or last minute meeting because the other person doesn’t need to sign up for anything. You just send them the link for the call.
  17. LastPass 08:59
    • Password protection tool for saving all of your passwords.
  18. Namecheap 09:20
    • A domain registrar for managing domains, hosting, and other services.
  19. Facebook 09:39
    • Where everybody is!
    • Great for keeping up with Facebook groups and pages.
  20. Facebook Messenger 10:25
    •  For messaging people in your community and making new connections.

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