5 Things To Include in Your Website Maintenance Packages

When creating your monthly packages, decide whether you want to offer a maintenance package or a service package. A client may assume that a maintenance package includes making small website updates, like updating pages or adding new content. If you don’t want to include this in your monthly packages, try calling it a service package instead.


  1. Website updates 01:56
    • Including WordPress itself, plugins, and the theme.
  2. Security reports 02:31
    • Typically, this means properly setting up the security plugin and sending monthly security reports.
  3. Backups 03:31
    • A client may accidentally delete a page, or the website could get hacked.
    • Having regular backups will give you and the client peace of mind.
  4. Hosting 03:53
    • Offer to host your client’s website. This will give you recurring revenue and the client won’t have to manage hosting on their own.
    • Resources: A2 Hosting and WPEngine
  5. Analytics reports 04:27
    • Send monthly reports to your clients, highlighting the most important metrics on the website.

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