How to Troubleshoot a WordPress Issue

  1. Retrace your steps 01:10
    • What were you just doing before the site crashed? Were you updating a plugin or editing a piece of code?
  2. Check your plugins 01:34
    • Turn off your plugins one at a time to see if it fixes the problem. When you find the plugin, turn it on to see if it breaks the site again. Then you will know that this is the problem and you can reach out to the plugin’s support.
  3. Check for code in the functions.php file 02:51
    • See if there is any old code in here that could be breaking the site.
  4. Try a different theme 03:14
    • Keep a copy of the latest default theme in your dashboard, just in case there is a problem with the current theme.
  5. Change the permalinks 04:08
    • Most people use the post name permalink and sometimes different issues can cause this to break. Try changing the permalinks back to default and then changing back to post name.
  6. Start Googling it 04:56
    • Google your problem or post in a forum. If you are experiencing a problem, most likely someone else has experienced it before you.

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