7 Steps for Designing for Conversion Over Beauty

  1. Step #1: Know your website’s goals 01:13
    • Have a plan for when a visitor comes to your site.
    • These goals will dictate how you build the website.
  2. Step #2: Have great copy 01:45
    • Copy is extremely important.
    • If you are not good at writing for conversion, hire someone who is.
  3. Step #3: Write attention grabbing titles and headers 02:37
  4. Step # 4: Use bold text 03:53
    • Use it strategically to highlight important points in the paragraphs.
  5. Step #5: The 4 Bs 04:42
    • Big Beautiful Bold Buttons
    • Big buttons just convert better.
  6. Step #6: Include good, clear, repetitive calls to action 05:59
    • You want the page to have one main point, whether that be an opt-in or purchasing a product.
    • Then you need to repeat it throughout the page, not just at the bottom.
  7. Step #7: Use a exit intent pop-up  06:45
    • One last opportunity to get a user to take an action, such as sign up for an email list.
    • Resource: Tim’s Divi Overlays

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