How and When We First Learned WordPress

  1. Reflecting back on your progress 01:21
    • It’s always good to reflect back on how far you have come with WordPress, or really anything.
    • Reflecting on your progress can be a huge confidence booster going forward.
    • Also, it reminds you to always stay in the learning mindset. There is always so much more to learn.
  2. David’s experience 02:17
    • A little over 4 years ago, David was helping out a friend who needed a website. He stumbled across this thing called WordPress and started to watch as many YouTube tutorials as possible.
    • He then graduated to joining Facebook groups and meeting other developers, like Tim, who could help him learn more about specific areas of WordPress.
    • Now, David and his team build custom websites for clients all over the world.
  3. Tim’s experience 04:08
    • Tim discovered WordPress back in 2011. For his first job out of college, he was working at an SEO company. As part of his job, he logged into client websites to perform routine SEO tasks and many of these websites were on WordPress. Through working on these sites, he learned more about WordPress and blogs that were making millions of dollars online.
    • He decided to create his own blog and discovered Elegant themes. From there, he continued to read online articles and watch YouTube videos to learn more. Then, he discovered that he was getting pretty good at building websites and that he could do this for a living.
  4. Google is your friend 06:42
    • Don’t be afraid to Google your questions, because you will find the answers.
    • YouTube also has huge resources of tutorials on WordPress to help you get to the next level of designing.

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