What a WordPress Implementer is And Why You Should Be One

  1. What is a WordPress Implementer? 00:45
    • It’s someone who builds websites, but is not a developer or designer. Rather, they implement various tools for WordPress, such as theme frameworks, page builders, plugins, and more.
    • A WordPress Implementer is essentially someone who puts together pieces of the puzzle to create a WordPress website.
  2. Why should you be one? There’s a market for it 03:00
    • There are clients out there who need a website, but don’t have the budget to pay for someone to custom build it.
    • They just need someone to put the pieces together who understands what to do.
  3. Why should you be one? WP is very diverse with many different avenues for earning an income 04:02
    • There are so many ways to utilize WordPress.
    • If you are a marketer, you can use WordPress to help people market their business.
    • If you want to build products and sell to the WordPress community, you can do that too!
  4. WordPress Implementers are sometimes looked down upon in the development community 05:41
    • Tune in for David’s story that illustrates this point.
    • Don’t feel like you need to know everything about developing a WordPress website to start a WordPress business because you don’t.

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