Why You Should Consider Using LMS For More Than Paid Courses

  1. SEO value 02:37
    • You can use your LMS platform to add more content to your website and increase SEO value.
  2. Added value to customers 04:37
    • Customers will get so much more value from a product that has a documentation course with it.
  3. Sets you apart 06:06
    • No one else is doing this right now.
    • You can get in early on this idea and set yourself apart from competitors.
  4. Added powerful upselling platform 06:36
    • If you were to just include a PDF with your product, you would have to lead the customer to your website for an upsell.
    • With an LMS, you can upsell customers right from the documentation on the website.
    • When someone is learning from you, that is the best time to sell them a product because the trust is there.
  5. Bonus idea: Client Training 07:37
    • Imagine creating a walk-through of a website for your client and then including that in an online course just for them.
    • That would be an immense value add with a personalized touch.

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