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00:29 David Blackmon: Hey everybody welcome to wp the podcast i’m David Blackmon

00:35 Tim Strifler: And I’m Tim Strifler.

00:36 David Blackmon:  Today we’re going to talk about email marketing for web designers and the big question that we’re going to answer today is does it work tim do you want to tell them what the answer to that?

00:49  Tim Strifler: Yes! the answer is yes it does work and i think that the reason why this question does get asked quite a bit is when you’re a web designer you’re a service provider providing a service building a website or maintaining a website for a client. Opposed to like a online product business right where you have people from all over the world you know coming on, and you give them uh you know a freebie and they get on your email list and then you promote your products and stuff. So email marketing for web designers definitely looks quite a bit different than a product business um but it absolutely still works then the reason why it works is it helps keep your business top of mind right so a lot of times a business will have uh you build a website and and they want to maintain it themselves right, and so the the relationship could in there but if you are staying top of mind and you’re staying in touch with them through email marketing providing value you know different things sending them uh you know different tips that are are happening in the industry and stuff like that.  Well as soon as they need an update they’re going to call you right absolutely staying top of mind is is huge. Or you can absolutely go the route of providing some sort of freebie from a blog post or whatever that is valuable for your ideal client and then having you know a drip campaign uh provide some more value and then see if if they’re interested in booking a call to have you build a new website that sort of thing so you can go that route too but the bottom line is is yes it works it just might look slightly different than a product business.

02:30 David Blackmon: Absolutely and i think you know one of the good things that that Tim talked about is is the value aspect of it. Here’s just a little secret tip you know you can you can become a invaluable resource to your customers just by you know doing some really simple things, and you can do this through email marketing and stuff. You know there are some websites out there like um oh what are the big security ones Tim um what’s the one that put yeah Word Fence puts out when there’s vulnerabilities and plugins and they’re already curating all of that data and stuff so if you can just create a weekly newsletter and pass along that information you can templatize it you know pass it along because small businesses aren’t keeping up with or medium-sized businesses or big businesses they’re not keeping up with the goings-on of the WordPress world and their website stuff. So if you pass on that information you’re huge and then like tim said when it’s time to you know to do some things to their website you’re top of the mind and stuff so 100 works.

03:45  Tim Strifler: Yeah and and to David’s point there’s so many things you can do. Like you can pass along security information vulnerabilities um google analytics there’s something always going on with google analytics which is on virtually every website. You know they’re changing their their uh their format they have the new Google Analytics and stuff and they’re trying to get you to upgrade your tags and stuff, and it’s confusing to people that aren’t you know staying on top of it and so you can pass along that information and provide some insight that is in an easy to understand from uh method for a typical business opposed to someone that lives and breathes web design and WordPress and stuff..

04:22 David Blackmon: 100%! All right Tim we just broke, it’s official, we just broke our first five-minute episode since we started back, so uh so i’ll take this opportunity since we have 50 seconds until the five minutes hey if you’re liking the content that you’re listening to and you’re enjoying it do Tim and i a huge favor, share it with your friends you know share it with other business owners or in your community and stuff because they may want to get the same amount of value that you’re getting from the podcast and if you really love us and you want to give us a five star review,  because you love us so much! Head on over and and to your favorite platform and give us a review i think we even have something set up maybe that will allow you to go review our podcast somewhere but maybe we don’t and if not we’re going to have it pretty soon in the future because Stephanie Hudson is awesome and she’s already done this stuff for Divi chat i think so yeah five minutes is up.  Boom Tim another great topic tomorrow how to collect client payments and get signed contracts remotely.  Peace everybody.

05:29  Tim Strifler: Take care bye-bye



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