Our WordPress Business Goals for 2018

Happy New Year from WP the Podcast!


  1. Tim’s goals 04:02
    • “On the product side, I have some goals where I plan to launch four major products in 2018. I’m working on some major plugins and then some layouts and child themes in between.”
    • “Then I have some revenue goals on the Benchmark side that I’d like to hit as well.”
    • “And then another goal I’d like to do in the first part of 2018 is in terms of personnel and hiring. This affects both my product side as well as the client side, and that’s to hire a kick-butt designer that can work on both sides of my business.”
  2. David’s goals 05:43
    • We’re going to commit to making four major plugins this year — one per quarter. We’re also going to do 8 child themes this year and then some layout packs and freebies. One thing we realized that we fell behind on in the latter part of 2017 was giving out free content.”
    • “I’d love to tell you that we’re going to grow our client services side of the business massively, but truthfully we are moving away from it to focus more on the product side. We will be setting up more strategic partnerships, so we have trusted individuals to refer business to.”
    • “We will also be adding a few more team members this year! I’m pretty good at marketing the business, but I wouldn’t call myself an online marketing expert. So we will be looking to hire a full-time marketer for the business.”
  3. Look at how to improve your business, even when you are doing well 09:44
    • A lot of businesses don’t really start to look at how to improve until the business is underperforming.
    • When things are going well, you should take a good look at your business and determine what you should and shouldn’t continue doing.
  4. Upcoming course launch! 11:09
    • You have probably seen other WordPress courses out there, but this course will be so much more than building websites. It will also teach you how to build a business around WordPress, such as how to get your first clients and how to maximize productivity with the proper workflow, so that you don’t reinvent the wheel on every new website.

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