Plugins or Direct Coding, Which is Better?

  1. When you should use plugins or direct coding 01:12
    • We talked about the number of plugins on your website on episode 58.
    • If you have plugins or that same code directly in your website, it doesn’t make a difference because the website is using the same resources to render that code.
  2. It depends… 02:03
    • For example, if you are doing a task that is extremely involved like building forms, then it is better to use a plugin than directly coding. Manually coding your forms every single time is a lot of extra work. It makes way more sense to use a form plugin.
    • On the other hand, you might want to use a snippet of code for small repetitive tasks. Tim has a snippet of code that he uses to hide the shipping field in Woocommerce. He only sells digital products, so it eliminates a field that he doesn’t need and  keeps his checkout process as lean as possible. Since it is only code, he doesn’t have to manage another plugin.
  3. Another consideration 04:17
    • How much maintenance is the plugin or code going to need?
    • The plus side of using a plugin is that the developer is going to keep it up-to-date.

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