Why We Prefer Premium vs Free WordPress Plugins

  1. Premium is supported, free is rarely supported (or supported well) 02:23
    • Though technically there is built-in support for free plugins, it is not going to be as robust as a premium plugin. It just doesn’t make sense for a developer to spend a lot of time on support for a free plugin. This wouldn’t be sustainable.
  2. Premium is usually more reliable long-term 03:43
    • Free plugins can stop being updated or supported at any time. There is no funding going into keeping these plugins up-to-date, so the developer may not have the time to make updates.
    • With premium plugins, the developer is getting paid by the user base to keep on top of updates and support, so you will generally get a more reliable product over the long run.
    • Though also keep in mind that some plugins may not need regular updates. If a free plugin is performing a simple task that is in line with WordPress core, then it may not need to be maintained or updated often by the developer.
  3. Premium is often more thought out 07:32
    • Developers take time to plan out and create the features of a premium plugin. Whereas a free plugin might be something that a developer made for personal use and then shared with the WordPress community.

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