What’s the Best Email Marketing Provider?

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00:28 Tim Strifler: Welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, i’m Tim Strifler, and today we are going to be talking about what’s the best email marketing provider. So if you don’t know what i’m talking about, email marketing provider is like Mailchimp or Activecampaign. Basically it’s the company that allows you to send marketing emails or email promotions whatever you want to call. It now i’m going to do one of those kind of cop-out answers to this question and say it depends because the best email marketing provider there’s not just one answer. A lot of them, most of them, most of the big players these days have pretty much the same features. Uh feature parody, as it’s referred to in the software development world. So you can’t really say that this one’s better because of these features and so forth so a lot of times it’s going to come down to preference. So that’s why i say what’s to answer this question, what’s the best email marketing provider? My answer is it’s the one that you’re going to use. The one that you’re comfortable with, and the one that you’re going to use. So don’t think that you have to choose one and that there’s a wrong answer, there’s not a wrong answer. But you can test out a few of them look at the interface, see which one makes the most sense. Because a lot of times that’s probably the biggest difference between the different platforms, is just that the way that they organize everything. Some are more visual and allow you to see kind of flow charts with automation and stuff like that, Activecampaign being one of those. Mailchimp is just more straightforward and in my opinion beginner friendly, but also has all the powerful automations and segmentation and stuff like, like the other ones do. So that’s kind of my cop-out answer. The best one the one you’re going to use. Personally i use Mailchimp and that’s for a couple reasons. One it’s just what i started using it because they have a uh a forever free plan. So i started using that way back in the day and i just slowly upgrade. Now uh i’m definitely not anywhere near a free plan, i’m paying quite a bit of money having a big email list and everything. But they’ve always been super reliable and so deliverability is. Another thing to take into consideration is Mailchimp because it is the most popular their email servers and server ip addresses are very well trusted, and they have that deliverability thing down where a newer provider maybe doesn’t have it down but all the big ones that shouldn’t be too much of a factor because they’re all going to have really good deliverability. Um so that’s that’s what I use, i like it, it has everything i need and i’ve never had a reason to switch another thing too. Is look at what you’re using and make sure it integrates with the email marketing provider that you want to use. So Mailchimp again being the most popular it integrates with everything. So uh innervates it integrates with Gravity Forms and integrates with my email or my um e-commerce software it integrates with this with that. So there’s never been a time where i needed an integration and Mailchimp wasn’t uh an option for whatever tool i was using. So that’s another thing too, is whatever tools you’re already using, you’re planning on using make sure that it’ll integrate with or make sure the email provider that you’re using is gonna integrate with those tools. So um so that’s it for this episode, tomorrow we are gonna be discussing the school of youtube versus a paid online course. So until then take care bye.

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