What Social Channels You Should be Promoting On in 2019

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00:28 David Blackmon: Hey, everybody. Welcome to another episode of WP the Podcast, brought to you by WP Gears. I’m David Blackmon.

00:36 Tim Strifler: And I’m Tim Strifler.

00:37 David Blackmon: Today, on episode 479, we’re gonna talk about what social channels you should be promoting on in 2019, and I’m gonna give a shocker. We’ve only chosen two, and we’re gonna tell you why.

00:55 David Blackmon: Tim, why is even promoting on social important?

01:00 Tim Strifler: Yeah. It all comes back to different pathways to your website. Right? You want people to find your website, and people used to think that if you just create a website, people will start showing up. If you build it, they will come, which isn’t true. They have to find you, and so that’s why Google and searching engine optimization is so important.

01:21 Tim Strifler: But social channels can be another way for people to find you and come to your website. Maybe find you for the first time, or come back to your website. And so, however, there’s lots of different social channels. There’s some that are popular. There’s some that are small but growing. And you can waste a lot of time trying to build up the profiles and promote on all the different ones, and it could be a time suck.

01:47 Tim Strifler: In our opinion, our advice is choose the two that are the most popular, that are gonna yield you the most results, and I’ll talk about the first one. Actually, I’m gonna let David talk about the first one. I’ll talk about the second one.

01:59 David Blackmon: Yeah. The first one is YouTube. I’m glad you let me talk about YouTube, Tim.

02:04 Tim Strifler: Yeah.

02:05 David Blackmon: I am … Well, first of all, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, only behind its parent company, Google. It’s huge. Video is huge. Engagement is huge, and ranking in the number two search engine in the world’s a big deal. So putting out video content is really, really important.

02:30 David Blackmon: I think it’s great for the engagement aspect, because human beings are visual. We like interacting. We like seeing things. I wish Tim and I did an actual video podcast, where we recorded ourselves as we record these, and then posted them to YouTube. But alas, we’d have to get out of our pajamas, comb our hair, and do that every day, and we don’t really wanna do that. So you’ve got the next best thing coming. We’re posting our podcast on YouTube, starting immediately, with closed caption. So if you, you know, need that translated, it’s gonna be there for you because we feel like it’s that important.

03:11 David Blackmon: We’re just gonna put the audios up on YouTube, so even doing that is gonna benefit you long term. Not to mention the paid ads, the PPC that you can run on YouTube campaigns and stuff. There’s so much valuable information out there on YouTube that it’s just a platform that we feel you can’t ignore and that you should be focusing on in 2019 in some shape, form, or fashion.

03:36 David Blackmon: If you’re producing content, you need to figure out how you can incorporate YouTube into your content marketing calendar.

03:45 Tim Strifler: Yeah. The next social channel you should be promoting on in 2019, you probably guessed it, and that’s Facebook. Facebook is the most popular social channel. It’s also either the top or top two websites in the world, and so Facebook is absolutely huge.

04:02 Tim Strifler: And so, just because of that, that’s where you wanna be promoting, because there’s people there, and so building an organic following is great. Having Facebook ads is great, too. Ideally, you wanna be doing both, but at least do a free organic business page at the bare minimum, because it’s free, and there’s users there.

04:27 Tim Strifler: And so, yeah. That’s definitely what we recommend doing. Now, we could tall about Instagram. We could talk about LinkedIn. However, they just don’t yield the same results as YouTube and Facebook, at least in general. Some certain niches, you know, maybe if you’re B2B in a certain kinda niche, B2B industry, well, then LinkedIn might be the place for you, or Instagram might be the place for you, depending on what you’re doing.

04:52 Tim Strifler: But overall, YouTube and Facebook are gonna bring you more traffic. Instagram is kind of its own little platform, and so driving traffic from Instagram back to your website is a little more difficult because people are wanting to scroll through and look at photos and engage with content. They’re not really there to be taken off of Instagram, like Facebook. You can drive traffic, and people are wanting to click on links and do different things. It’s kind of more all over the place, where Instagram is just kind of a visual platform, if that makes sense.

05:22 David Blackmon: Yeah. Absolutely. And just FYI, Facebook is number one. It’s the number one website in the world.

05:27 Tim Strifler: Okay.

05:28 David Blackmon: Yeah.

05:28 Tim Strifler: Social channels are typically higher ranking because of all of the engagement that they have. Like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, all of your social channels are the highest trafficked sites in the world, even more so than Google. That may surprise you.

05:48 Tim Strifler: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, they all outrank Google. Google’s top 10. It might … But I think it’s sitting somewhere around eight, and YouTube is like, four. That’s how important the social channels are.

06:05 Tim Strifler: These are two that we feel are important. YouTube and Facebook. Obviously, if you’ve got the bandwidth, go focus on Instagram, Twitter, all the other ones, ’cause they are valuable. But if you’ve only got so much bandwidth and time, focus your energies on Facebook and YouTube.

06:24 David Blackmon: Yeah. The last thing I wanna add here. We kind of implied it, but I wanted to just fully say it directly, is you wanna focus on where your audience is. And so, again, if your audience is on Instagram, because maybe you’re a photographer or something like that, then yes, go there. Absolutely spend time there.

06:42 David Blackmon: But in general, because these two are the biggest and yield the best results, you for sure wanna include YouTube and Facebook.

06:49 David Blackmon: All right. Tomorrow, we’ve got another great topic for you. Oh, wait. Tim, I can’t tell them. Coming soon, from WP Gears.

07:01 David Blackmon: Don’t wanna miss that one, ’cause we’ve got some awesome announcements. Tim, until tomorrow. We’ll see you then.

07:09 Tim Strifler: Take care. Bye-bye.

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