Should You Use Affiliate Links

  1. Con: People will think I am only trying to make money 01:32
    • Some people have the mindset that if they recommend a product with an affiliate link, their audience will not trust them anymore. This depends on how you use affiliate links.
    • David had this mindset in the beginning of his business. He was hesitant to use affiliate links because he felt that it would compromise the integrity of the content.
  2. Pro: People love to support those they trust and who bring value 03:48
    • The key to not being slimy with your affiliate links is to give a ton a value to your audience.
    • If you provide a ton of value and free content, then most people won’t notice or complain about a few affiliate links sprinkled in.
    • Also, your fans enjoy supporting you and sometimes might even request an affiliate link to show their appreciation.
  3. Transparency is important 05:39
    • Always be sure to disclose your affiliates to your audience. State that you may receive a commission on the purchase at no cost to them.
  4. It can be a great way to create residual long-term income 06:35
    • Affiliate links can work especially well on tutorials. Tim has a tutorial where he provides a free piece of code and also links to a plugin for an easier solution. This way, his audience can decide whether to go the free or paid route.
    • If you pair your links with great content and extra resources, it can create long-term income.

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