How to Take Great Screenshots of Web Pages

It’s important to take great screenshots because as a web designer, you want to create a portfolio and you want to show off your work. There’s something about seeing the entire page in a screenshot, as opposed to just hyperlinking to the website.


  1. Snagit 03:20
    • This is a paid software that can record videos, take full page screenshot captures, and make annotations. It is a very powerful tool.
    • The full page screenshots are a really unique feature because you can also capture specific areas of the page, such as the website without the sidebars.
  2. Full Page Screen Capture 05:32
    • This free software is a Chrome extension, so it only works with Chrome. You install it as an extension and then it becomes just a button on the toolbar of your browser.
    • When you want to take a screenshot or screen capture of the entire page, all you do is click the button.
    • If you want a simple solution that can take a full page screen capture, then this tool is for you.
  3. Awesome Screenshot 07:38
    • This software is also a Chrome extension, as well as a Firefox extension. It works best when taking a screen shot of a static page.
    • What made David and Tim move away from this platform was that it didn’t play well with Parallax and it didn’t play well with animation or headers.
  4. The old fashion way… 09:37
    • For Apple users, you can always take old fashion screenshots using commands.
    • Command Shift 3 — will take a screenshot of your desktop.
    • Command Shift 4 — will let you select the portion that you want to take a screenshot of.
    • It doesn’t work for full page screen captures, but it works for a quick screenshot.

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